Is Tabitha Travis Homophobic? Meet Tabitha Dardeau Travis On Facebook

Is Tabitha Travis Homophobic?  She is an internet proclaimed homophobic. She was even caught speaking some racial slurs.

It is Pride Month all around the world. After years of struggle, the LGBTQ+ minorities are finally celebrating their bravery and identity. However, there are still some transphobic and homophobic people that continue to infuriate the public with their actions. 

Is Tabitha Travis Homophobic?

Neitzens are refering Tabitha Travis as Homophoic.

Apparently, Tabitha Travis is responsible for spraypainting the LGBTQ+ logo on the bridge of Alcoa, Tennessee.

The video was first uploaded by a Tiktok user @Yummy_Carmennn420. In the clip, Tabitha seems to hold a number of spray paints. She eventually sprays white color all over the rainbow flag. 

Not only Travis was captured vandalizing the logo, but she also uttered some Homophobic slurs. In fact, she even stated she is sick of teenagers.

The Tiktok soon started circulating all over Twitter. Furthermore, people were further disgusted as LGBTQ+ members are celebrating pride month across the globe.

On the other hand, @Yummy_Carmennn420 has removed the video from her Tiktok due to some reasons. 

Meet Tabitha Dardeau Travis On Facebook

You can meet Tabitha Travis on Facebook as Tabitha Dardeau Travis.

She had kept profile pictures and cover photos with people, who seemed like family members. But, Travis has deactivated all of her social accounts due to massive criticism.

Tabitha is a resident of Maryville in Tennessee. Besides, neither Tabitha Travis’s husband nor children have addressed the situation yet. 

The internet has named her as the new “Karen” of the internet. According to the urban dictionary, Karen is commonly referred to as a woman who makes solutions for others even though she not remotely affected by the situation. 

Her Job At Blount Memorial Hospital Worker 

Tabitha Travis is a worker at Blount Memorial Wellness Center.

Many people are demanding Blount Memorial to fire. Likewise, they have also questioned if the police have arrested her or not. 

Yet, the reports on any legal action against Travis remains scarce. 

On the positive side, people have now fixed the pride logo at the bridge. Similarly, Yummy_Camerannn420 also uploaded a video thanking the people who repaired the painting.

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