We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but the upcoming exhibition claiming that it will debut “profound” and “erotic” artwork by Justin Bieber is, in fact, a hoax.

A press release about the faux show, dubbed “Paintings from Space,” went out this week, purportedly from Harry Gablowsian, the owner of the new Gablowsian Gallery —an obvious play on mega-dealer and gallerist Larry Gagosian.

“It is our distinct pleasure to launch Gablowsian Gallery NYC with the first solo show of paintings by Justin Bieber,” it reads.

“The works evoke intimacy, childhood dreams and family all with subtle layers of eroticism, joy and the gestation of sexual identity,” says the email. “Made with acrylics, spray paint and markers, the works embody a natural sense of freedom and abandonment. Even though they are stream of conscious works, they hold tight to a formal training and art historical framework. While many will try to pinpoint a source/origin artist to reference, these works are truly individual and are distinctively profound.”

The email is also pushing a supposed limited edition print of a work called “Cool Cat.”

But when we ran the fishy event by Bieber’s rep, they responded, “Not real!”

Regardless, when we reached out to “Gablowsian,” he kept up the bit.

“We have sold half of the collection and the works start in the six-figure range,” they told us over email. “The other half of the works are being shopped to private collectors/collections.”

He even said that the “Sorry” singer would be at the show.

“Justin will be visiting the show during the run of November 4-6,” they said. “Due to safety concerns (and COVID) we are not letting the general public know exactly when.”

But the so-called gallery owner clammed up when we bluntly asked, “Is this a scam or are you guys doing a parody/performance art?”

Source: Page Six

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