Lamar Odom canceled an appearance on a Facebook Live show because he’s suffering from dehydration and exhaustion.

The former NBA star had been slated to chat with “Addiction Talk” host Joy Sutton on Wednesday night but canceled at the last minute over health concerns, she said.

“Just moments ago we received information from his team, the agency that works with him, that let us know that he wont be able to join us tonight due to some health concerns,” Sutton shared on the stream. “We’ve been told that he’s dealing with dehydration and exhaustion, and I can tell you that he did want to be here tonight.

Reps for Odom didn’t return Page Six’s request for comment, but they shared on Instagram that his “exhaustion and dehydration” came from “working out and basketball camps.”

“We ask that you lift him to the light and hold him there as he rests and heals. ❤️💫🙏🏽,” his management team added.

The event has yet to be rescheduled.

Odom, 41, has been candid about his battle with drugs over the years and his treatment for addiction, crediting small doses of ketamine with helping him maintain his sobriety.

His doctor Steven L. Mandel told Page Six in May that he was impressed with Odom’s honesty because it could help other people in their fights against addiction.

“To have a prominent person call people’s attention to this, it’s a thrill,” Mandel said. “It’s amazing. So I’m very grateful and thousands of people will benefit from his honesty and his candor.”

Source: Page Six

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