Where Is Mark Howerton Today? Cayley Mandadi Murder Wiki And Update

Where Is Mark Howerton Today? Cayley Mandadi Murder Wiki And Update

Where Is Mark Howerton Today? He is facing trials at Bexar County District Court. Here is everything you need to know about the Cayley Mandadi murder case update.

Trinity University student, Caley Manandi, was murdered on October 29, 2017, by his boyfriend, Mark Howerton. She was declared brain dead.

Meanwhile, “48 Hours“, by CBS series, is set to explore the case of Cayley Mandadi.

Who Is Mark Howerton?

Mark Howerton is now a 26-year-old Texas native.

He started dating the 19-year-old cheerleader Cayley Mandadi back in 2017. They had been together officially for only about five weeks when she passed away on October 31. 

However, their relationship was a turbulent one, riddled with alleged violence and unexplainable bruises. 

According to Cayley’s friends, Mark was possessive and controlling to a significant extent.

They recalled a couple of incidents where he slammed her head against a car window and another one where he threatened to throw her off the balcony.

Where Is Mark Howerton Today?

Mark Howerton is facing court trials in Bexar County District Court.

Howerton, in February 2018, turned himself in after months of investigations.

He was indicted with murder, sexual assault, and later, kidnapping.

The case, therefore, went to trial, which took place in December of 2019. Ever since then, he has been facing trials regarding the case.

Mark Howerton Parents: Who Are They?

Mark parents’ identities have not been disclosed yet.

However, we know that his parents were there with Mark to wait for his murder trial to proceed in December 2019, in the 144th state district court in the Cadena-Reeves Criminal Justice Center in San Antonio.

Meanwhile, the victim Cayley Mandadi’s parents are Talik Mandadi (father) and Alison Steele (mother). Cayley was their only child.

Her parents testified regarding the case in 2019, during Mark’s trial.

Cayley Mandadi Murder Case Update

After more than three years of the incident, debate still lingers over the cause of Cayley’s murder case.

Prosecutors allege Cayley Mandadi was beaten to death by her boyfriend. But the defense has other explanations as to how she could have died.

Furthermore, there have been no updates on his sentence and further hearing. 

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