UNCTAD Mukhisa Kituyi Scandal & Exposed Video Tape- Who Is His Girlfriend?

Mukhisa Kituyi scandal video exposed him as he was with his girlfriend. Here is everything on trending videotape.

Mukhisa is a politician who worked for UNCTAD until February 2021. Reportedly, he is one of the presidential aspirants in the upcoming Kenyan elections.

Moreover, he used worked for the Kenya Institute of Governance as their Chief Executive. From 2002 to 2007, he served as the Minister of Trade and Industry.

Mukhisa Kituyi Scandal Explained

Mukhisa Kituyi’s recent scandal has damaged his credibility as a leader.

According to Bright Kenya News, he assaulted a lady named Diana Opemi Lutta. As per her statement, Mukhisa pushed her from the bed and kicked her continuously.

After the incident, Diana sustained injuries on her left knee. Moreover, she has recorded a statement claiming she refused his sexual advances.

The police have suggested Diana take treatment. At the moment, the authorities are investigating the case.

Furthermore, Mukhisa’s accusations have been increasing lately. As per the latest news, he allegedly eluded some police officers who are handling the case.

Everything About The Exposed Video Tape

Mukhisa Kituyi’s videotape has been exposed on all social media.

In the trending video, we can watch a lady enjoying a glass of wine. Thus, we can admit that the two were having drinks just before the act.

As per Kenya Insights, we aren’t sure who the lady is. However, there are high chances that she is Diana.

Rumors say that Diana had exposed his bedroom videos after their recent disagreement. Moreover, the lady has claimed that she is Mukhisa’s girlfriend.

Who Is His Girlfriend?

Mukhisa Kituyi is alleged to have a secret affair with his girlfriend and sidechick.

However, we aren’t sure if he is in a relationship with Diana. Some believe that there is a third person involved in Mukhisa’s case.

Currently, he is married to Ling Kituyi. However, their relationship looks to be in serious doubt after the recent scandal.

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According to Wikipedia, the couples share four children – Ivar, Sitati, Laila, and Thor. Unfortunately, Ivar died of a diabetic attack at 30.

After his recent controversies, there is a huge doubt regarding Kituyi’s presidency.

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