Brandon Shirley Was Shot In An Ambush – Who Was He?

Brandon Shirley was a Sheriff deputy who died off-duty following an ambush attack. Find Shirley on Wikipedia.

Brandon was a deputy officer at Jefferson County Sheriff. He was a victim of an ambushed gunfire on August 5.

Obituary of Brandon Shirley Sheriff

The obituary of Brandon Shirley Sheriff revealed he died early Thursday. He was targeted and ambushed in gunfire in Shively.

In fact, Brandon was shot while he was inside his vehicle. He was serving as an off-duty security officer at the time.

To point out, the shooting took place at the Rockford Lane Auto Sales. It is a used car lot close to Western High School.

Shirley was taken to UofL Hospital nearby in an attempt to save his life. But he could not fight the severe injuries he had suffered.

LMPD Cheif Erika Shields revealed to the media that the authorities are close to finding the suspects. They are planning to make an arrest soon after finalizing the conviction.

Shirley’s death cause was an ambushed attack as the officials insist. They will be having their hands on the culprits soon.

Who Is Brandon Shirley Sheriff?

Brandon Shirley was a deputy to a sheriff at Jefferson County. He had joined the office in 2019.

Shirley had a good reputation and respect in the county as per his colleagues. Also, he was liked and adored by everyone around the office.

As a matter of fact, Brandon had earned the Medal of Valor last year. The honor was dedicated to his support of a photographer in a protest in Louisville.

Actually, he had run into a crowd to help Tyler Gerth at Jefferson Square Park. Gerth had died in a fatal shooting.

Likewise, Brandon died at an age of 26. It is not clear exactly when and where he was born.

Know Brandon Shirley Wife and Family

Brandon Shirley’s wife and his family survive his death. The sheriff’s deputy was in fact a married man.

But Brandon’s spouse has been out of the radars as of now. There is no information if he had any children with his partner.

The personal life of Shirley is yet to be exposed to the media. The officer was probably not active in any sort of social media.

Find Brandon Shirley on Wikipedia

Brandon Shirley lacks a mention on the encyclopedia of the internet. Yet his biography and career details are easily available on the internet.

Shirley was a friendly and diligent officer. It is hard to imagine that someone was determined to kill him.

A number of law enforcement bodies around the US are releasing condolences to his demise.

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