Aly Raisman is flipping for joy after being reunited with her dog who went missing nearly a week ago.

The Olympic gold medalist said her pooch Mylo ran off in Boston’s Seaport District during a July 3 fireworks display, and she asked the public’s help in locating him.

“Mylo was terrified of fireworks and ran off. He has a tag on and a leash,” the Raisman, 27, wrote on Twitter Saturday.

“Please keep your eyes open, he could be trapped or hiding,” she pleaded.

As a six-day frantic search ensued, Raisman posted constant updates and calls for help, at one point offering a reward for the 35 pound brown dog.

On Friday evening, the retired gymnast posted a happy update.

“HEROES!!!! MYLO IS SAFE. I HAVE HIM,” the Olympic hero posted along with a picture of her and Mylo, two other people and their dog.

“THANK YOU Carla, Gayle & her sweet dog. Will share more soon… but for now going to snuggle with my everything.”

Raisman adopted Mylo, a rescue dog, in October 2020.

Source: Page Six

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