Paul McCartney has heard it all during his career. There has been tons of praise — with The Beatles, Wings, and solo — but also detractors. One musician called Paul and John Lennon idiots but covered one of their songs anyway. Sometimes the criticism came from those closest to him. Beatles press officer Tony Barrow said Paul craved constant approval and was “long on promises, short on performance” in his efforts to satisfy fans.

Paul McCartney holding his bass and smiling as he stands in front of a mural in 1962.
Paul McCartney | kpa/United Archives via Getty Images

Paul McCartney craved public approval and was ‘long on promises, short on performance’ when he tried to get it

Fans called Paul the cute Beatle. The bassist seemed to smile perpetually. It made him seem like the most approachable and fun-loving member of the group.

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