Paul McCartney has performed thousands of concerts throughout his career. Since he is still human, he is bound to make a few mistakes during these performances. With so many iconic songs from The Beatles, Wings, and his solo career, he was bound to mix up some lyrics or forget them altogether. McCartney admitted he made a mistake while performing “Penny Lane” and restarted the song. 

Paul McCartney mixed up the verse order of ‘Penny Lane’

Paul McCartney performs at the O2 Arena in London, England, in 2015
Paul McCartney | Jim Dyson/Getty Images

Paul McCartney constantly changes his setlist while on tour. He consistently plays only a few songs, like “Hey Jude” and “Live and Let Die”. When he decides to bring a song back, he has to perfect it once more, even after years of never playing it. “Penny Lane” is a Beatles classic but not one audiences clamor for. 

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