Daym Drops Wife Ramyr Gonzales: Do They Have Any Children?

Ramyr Gonzales is Daym Drops wife. The union had already reaped many benefits from her husband overnight success.

Gonzales is the celebrity spouse of an American food critic, YouTuber, and TV presenter, Daym Drops.

Gonzales is being the talking point as her husband Daym Drops announced his new show on Netflix, called Fresh, Fried & Crispy which would premier on 9th June 2021.

You might know about Top YouTube Food Reviewer Daym Drops. But, are you aware of her wife?

Ramyr Gonzales: Everything On Daym Drops wife

Ramyr Gonzales is famous as Daym Drops wife.

Moreover, she was married to the 43-year-old Connecticut native in the same year Drops became eminent as a YouTube star.

The pair had first met when Daym was when he was between his jobs, long before he had made a glimmering career out of his food videos.

Ramyr and Daymon Patterson aka Daym Drops exchanged vows in the year 2012.

In addition to that, she has already been flaunted on Daym’s eponymous channel for years and even vlogged their nuptials.

Gonzales Net Worth Uncovered

Ramyr Gonzales net worth is speculated thousands of dollars.

Seemingly, Gonzales is proudly enjoying her husband’s net worth.

As a prominent TV presenter and Youtuber, Daym Drops has bagged a sturdy sum of money in his bank account. 

According to Statsmash, her husband’s YouTube channel Daym Drops worths around $820K.

How Old Is She? Know Her Age

Ramyr Gonzales age is estimated in her 30s.

Traversing her pictures on the internet, we’ve guessed her of that age.

Whatsoever, neither Ramyr nor her husband has revealed any details regarding her actual date of birth.

In fact, Gonzales likes to stay away from media attention. She does not like to get outspoken in the public domain.

Gonzales Family: Do They Have Any Children?

Ramyr Gonzales family includes – her husband Daym Drops and two children.

Well, her husband Drops has married twice. Their first child was from his previous marriage and the second one with Ramyr.

The family is living a blissful life. When her husband is not making people laugh with his descriptions of delicacies, he spends time with Ramyr and the kids.

They reside in New Britain, Hartford County, Connenticut.



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