Iced out. 

Sunday night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” saw Jen Shah slam co-star Lisa Barlow for deserting her following her arrest for wire fraud and money laundering

“When I got my new phone, I reached out to Lisa,” the embattled Bravolebrity, 48, told her husband, Sharrieff Shah, over Popeye’s at the couple’s “Shah Ski Chalet.”

“And I called her four or five times. I didn’t hear from her,” Jen continued.

“You don’t have to agree with me, you don’t have to know the facts, you don’t have to know anything. If you care about me, you would be like, ‘Jen, are you OK?’”

Heather Gay was the only cast member to establish contact with Jen after she and assistant Stuart Smith were cuffed by feds for allegedly ripping off hundreds of victims — including vulnerable elders — in a widespread telemarketing scam. 

Though Jen was upset that Meredith Marks, Whitney Rose, Mary Cosby and Jennie Nguyen did not check in, she was particularly crushed by Barlow’s seeming decision to dip out on their friendship after months of growing closer. 

“I reached out to everybody ‘cause I felt like I needed to reach out to my friends,” Jen said through tears.

Jen Shah
Jen Shah was upset that Lisa Barlow didn’t check in on her following her arrest for wire fraud and money laundering.

“Out of everybody, Heather responded to me. Regardless of what we went through, she was there. Do you know how hurt I was … expecting Lisa to respond? I will respect what people need to go through but I expect different from Lisa.” 

In an ensuing confessional, Jen’s sadness over her fractured relationship with Barlow, 46, turned into anger. 

“People say they’re ride or die. You’re not ride or die,” she fumed. “This is when you show up. It’s easy for everyone to be there when everything’s great. But the second s–t goes down, that’s when you find out who’s really there for you.” 

Jen pleaded not guilty to the charges against her in April. Meanwhile, her purported accomplice Smith pleaded guilty to the three charges against him, including conspiracy to commit wire fraud, money laundering and obstructing an official proceeding. 

Stuart’s sentencing is scheduled for March 3, 2022, while Jen’s trial is set for that same month. (Her request to dismiss the case was denied on Friday.)

Lisa Barlow
Lisa Barlow previously told Page Six that she will stand by Jen Shah’s side until a verdict is called in court.

Despite the friction Jen faced with Barlow while filming “RHOSLC” Season 2, the Vida Tequila CEO told us in October that she is standing by her frenemy’s side until a verdict is called in court.  

“This is where I might be controversial. I believe in due process,” Barlow said at the time. “We have to see how things pan out when she starts trial and let the judge and jury come to a verdict before we all do.”

“The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. 

Source: Page Six

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