RCMP Officer Shelby Patton Killed In Saskatchewan: Who Are His Wife And Family?

RCMP Officer Shelby Patton Killed In Saskatchewan: Who Are His Wife And Family?

Shelby Patton is the fallen officer. Know about his wife and family following the death.

The Saskatchewan RCMP grieved on Saturday as a truck struck officer Shelby Patton. Sadly, he passed away on the spot. He was a young man dedicated to his country. 

Shelby Patton Wife & Family Status

Shelby Patton was married to his wife.But his wife name is not revealed yet.

On the morning of June 12, 2021, a truck struck officer Shelby Patton and killed him on the scene. He was trying to traffic stop the vehicle when it rammed him in Wolseley.

It was assistant commissioner Rhonda Blackmore who had to inform Shelby Patton’s wife about his death. Blackmore stated it was very difficult to inform Patton’s spouse that he was not coming home.

However, it is not disclosed if Shelby Patton has children or not. 

Shelby Patton grew up in an RMPC family. 

Losing loved ones is certainly hard and sorrowful to anyone. Therefore, his friends and family might be taking their time to process the news. 

Shelby Patton Obituary: Who Killed The Saskatchewan RCMP Officer?

The whole RCMP were devasted as they released Shelby Patton Obituary.

Despite the medical effort, Shelby passed away at 8 am. On the other hand, the truck fled from the accident site to a rural area. It was eventually found around 10 am. 

The recent reports allege a man and woman killed Shelby Patton. 

The police arrested two suspects from the truck in the middle of the field. However, their names and identity are not disclosed for now. 

Shelby Patton had joined Saskatchewan RCMP as an Officer in 2015. 

Prior to RCMP, Patton worked at Parliament Hill. He served in the role from February to March 2015.

Find Him on Wikipedia bio

Shelby Patton doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio yet.

Shelby Patton was just 26 years old in age. The officers quoted him as a brave and hardworking person.

Likewise, various people and politicians have paid tribute to the late constable. Netizens have even named him as Canada’s national hero.

We send out heartfelt condolence to his friends and family. His bravery and service will be certainly remembered forever. Thank you. 

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