Plymouth: Who Was Sophie Martyn? 3 Years old Innocent Girl Shot And Killed By Jake Davison

Sophie Martyn, 3, was killed by Jake Davison along with other four-person including himself at Plymouth today, let us explore Sophie’s wiki. 

A rouge learner crane operator Jake Davison killed five people including himself on August 13, 2021, at Plymouth. Today’s mass shooting is considered one of the deadliest since 2010 not related to terrorism. 

Davison’s rampage started from his home in Biddick Drive, Plymouth after killing his mother Maxine Davison. Then the killer went out on street and killed three-year-old Sophie Martyn along with her father Lee Martyn. 

His rampage did not stop there, he went ahead and killed Stephen Washington and severely injured Kate Shepherd who later died while receiving treatment at the Derriford Hospital.

Let us learn more about Sophie Martyn and take a closer look at her wiki and age.

Sophie Martyn Wiki Explored

Sophie Martyn was the youngest victim of the horrible Plymouth shooting. 

She was shot dead in front of her father by Jake with a licensed pump-action shotgun. 

Martyn does not have her wiki and bio on any website yet, but her death news is covered by various news portals and online websites. 

Many well-known personalities and politicians have spoken about the young victim. Luke Pollard says he has been devasted to learn the victim was a child under 10 years old. 

What Is Sophie Martyn Age? How Old Was She?

Sophie Martyn’s age was just 3 years old when she was killed on August 13, 2021. 

However, her date of birth has not come to the surface yet. 

She was the youngest among the victims of the Plymouth shooting. 

Other victims were age 51, 43, 59, and 66 years old according to the Mirror.

Similarly, the gunmen Jake was 22 years old. 

Who Is Sophie Martyn Father Lee Martyn?

Sophie Martyn’s father Lee Martyn was also killed by Davison in his rampage. 

After killing the child, Jake turned to his father and shot him with his licensed shotgun killing him instantly. 

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Much information about Lee has not come to the surface but he was Jake’s neighbor strolling on the street with his daughter. 

The father and daughter were killed on the site. After killing Lee and her daughter, Jake moved on and shot other people as well killing them. 

Is Plymouth Shooting Suspect Jake Davison Arrested?

Plymouth shooting suspect Jake Davison could not be arrested as he shot and killed himself at the end of his rampage. 

He took the life of five people including his own mother and a three-year-old child before turning the gun to himself according to the Independent. 

Police are doing extensive research on all 13 crime scenes and looking through Jake’s social media posts and his personal computer as part of the investigation. 

Interestingly, Jake was a licensed gun holder and the weapon he used in his rampage was a licensed gun, according to Devon & Cornwall Police chief Constable Shaun Sawyer

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