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CelebrityThe Reason People Are Slamming Michelle Duggar's Letter Of...

The Reason People Are Slamming Michelle Duggar’s Letter Of Leniency Isn’t What You’d Expect


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Hoping to sway the judge who will be handing down Josh Duggar’s sentence, mom Michelle Duggar wrote a praise-filled letter. Saying that Josh “has a tender heart,” she pointed out all his good qualities: his generosity, work ethic, financial common sense, and love for his seven children. “As I look to his return, I stand ready to offer my continued love and encouragement to Joshua and his family and for their success in the future — together!” she wrote. “We ask that he would be reunited with his wife and family in a timely manner.”

A mother’s love is one thing, but online critics felt that Michelle went too far in supporting the son who not only was caught with hundreds of explicit images on his computer, but who also violated his own sisters. Many who reacted to the post on Without a Crystal Ball were outraged that Michelle showed no compassion for all the victims he hurt. “It’s all such a slap in the face to the girls (and ALL the children) who were ABUSED!” was one response.

They also noticed one other odd detail on the letter: The “Michelle A. Duggar” signature was written with a little heart over the “i.” Instagram went into a tizzy: “I did the heart over the ‘i’ too … in 4th grade!” said one user. Another added, “I am still in disbelief that Michelle did that. In a letter to a judge, no less!”  

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