People want to know about Thuli Phongolo Parents and her net worth since she filed a case against her boyfriend for domestic violence.

An actress, television personality, disc jockey, and businesswoman, Thuli Phongolo is well known in South Africa.

In the famous South African soap opera Generations The Legacy, she played Namhla Diale.

In Generations The Legacy, Thuli played a prominent role until her departure in 2018.

Her acting skills and personality have made her a well-known name in South Africa.

In addition to acting, Thuli has also performed at several high-profile events in South Africa as a disc jockey.

Thuli Phongolo Parents: Who Are They? Ethnicity

She has gained widespread recognition for her impressive acting skills and striking beauty as Thulisile Phongolo, better known as Thuli P.

She has kept her personal life, including details about her family background, private despite her popularity.

Phongolo was born in 1994 to South African parents, but she has mentioned that her father is friends with Generations: The Legacy’s executive producer.

Thuli Phongolo Parents
Thuli Phongolo Parents: Actress Thuli with her mother (Source: answersafrica)

On the other hand, Thuli shared a photo of her mother on Instagram during Mother’s Day celebrations in 2019, but she did not mention her mother’s name.

The Actress is the oldest child in her family and has two siblings, a brother and a sister. However, nothing has been written about her siblings or parents.

Phongolo’s ethnicity is Xhosa, an ethnic group in South Africa known for its unique language and cultural traditions.

What Is Thuli Phongolo Net Worth In 2023?

As an actress, TV personality, DJ, and voice-over artist, Phongolo is a multi-talented entertainer.

While her actual net worth is not publicly known, her successful career in various industries suggests that she has generated significant wealth.

Initially, she appeared on SABC’s TV show Tshisa as Zama. She became more well known as Namhla Diale on the soap opera Generations: The Legacy.

Thuli Phongolo
Thuli Phongolo is an actress, disc jockey, and Tv personality from South Africa (Source: Zalebs)

After leaving Generations in 2018, she continued acting in TV series such as Makoti and The Republic. She also landed a role in Showmax’s telenovela adaptation of Dudu Busani-Dube’s Hlomu: The Wife.

Phongolo had a brief stint on etv’s Craze as a TV presenter, working alongside well-known presenters.

Additionally, she has been involved in various business ventures by aligning herself with brands that have enabled her to explore different opportunities.

Phongolo’s DJ career has also contributed to her financial success. She has played at various events and festivals, and she has also released her music.

Meet Thuli Phongolo Boyfriend

Actress Thuli Phongolo is currently dating DJ Maphorisa. DJ Maphorisa is a famous South African DJ, singer, songwriter, and record producer.

He has been in the news lately following shocking allegations of abuse by his girlfriend, Thuli.

It was said that the incident happened at their House, and the Actress told the cops about it.

According to a statement made by Phongolo to the Police at Sandton Police Station, the incident happened on Sunday, May 7th, 2023, at around 12 pm.

The Actress claimed she had confronted Maphorisa about an argument they had the previous night during his gig.

Thuli Phongolo and DJ Maphorisa
Thuli Phongolo and DJ Maphorisa are dating and recently, Thuli filed a case against her boyfriend (Source: theyanos)

Maphorisa allegedly hit her in the face when she got angry.

As a result, Maphorisa turned Phongolo into a punching bag, leaving her with bruises on her neck.

As they fought over the phone, Phongolo said Maphorisa took it and hit her repeatedly with his elbow on the balcony.

In response to him returning her phone, she informed her manager. The manager took her to the police station to report the incident and open a domestic violence case against Maphorisa.

Maphorisa was arrested for assault after the police noticed bruises on Phongolo’s neck.

A well-known DJ was arrested and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

Despite the fact that the details of the argument that led to the violence are still unclear, it is believed that the couple has been having relationship problems.

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