Timothy Wall Wife Monica Sandra Wall – Everything On Royal Palm Beach Publix Gunman

Timothy Wall Wife Monica Sandra Wall – Everything On Royal Palm Beach Publix Gunman

Timothy Wall Wife Monica Sandra Wall has come forth the headlines after authorities identified his crime. Authorities mentioned him as the Royal Palm Beach Publix Gunman.

Monica Sandra Wall is the wife of Timothy Wall. Her husband killed a woman and her nearly 2-year-old grandson on Thursday.

He also shot himself to death after the incident.

Timothy Wall Wife Monica Sandra Wall

There are no records of Timothy Wall wife Monica Sandra Wall in media.

She has not confronted the media even after the death of her husband, Timothy, who got involved in a mischievous crime.

It is unknown since when Timothy and Monica were together.

Monica probably does not have any children with the shooter.

The lovebirds came into the limelight after the recent shooting incident of Timothy.

Sources claim that Timothy and Monica were no longer together. They divorced in 2018.

Timothy had around $215,000 in debts owed to Monica.

Royal Palm Beach Publix Gunman

Monica Wall husband Timothy is identified as the Royal Palm Beach Publix Gunman.

His full name is Timothy Jamieson Wall.

Timothy killed a grandmother and a grandson at a Palm Beach County Publix.

The toddler was about to turn 2 years old later this month. 

Despite that, the identity of the victims is kept low-key except for the info that the boy’s father is a civilian employee with the Sunny Isles Beach Police Department.

Authorities also published the picture of Timothy once they identified him as the gunman, who later killed himself.

Reports suggest that Timothy was worked as a temporary laborer on a construction crew in January. At the time, he filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition.

He claimed that he had $6,000 in assets and $215,000 in liabilities and earned just $2,165 a month.

He also certified having $27 in the bank, $743 in Bitcoin. Along with that, a 45 caliber firearm he owned was worth $300.

Moreover, Timothy had $215,000 in debts, which were mostly owed to his ex-wife.

Monica Family; Wikipedia

Monica Wall has not mentioned any personal information regarding her family.

She lived with Timothy a few years back, but she reportedly divorced him.

Likewise, neither Monica nor Timothy have been featured on Wikipedia.

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