Who Is Todd Kendhammer? Barbara Kendhammer Husband Wikipedia & Age

Who Is Todd Kendhammer? Barbara Kendhammer Husband Wikipedia & Age

Todd Kendhammer story is not on Wikipedia yet. He is serving in prison at the age of 50. Let us know more about his age and wife.

Todd is in jail today. He was convicted of killing his wife and lying about the incident in 2016.

Todd Kendhammer Wikipedia

Todd Kendhammer is not featured on Wikipedia bio.

Also, his story is yet to be covered by a Wikipedia page.

Todd used to work at Crown Cork and Seal. It is the subsidiary company of Crown Holdings that provides packaging and container solutions to its parent company.

It is not known how long Todd worked at the company. In addition, Kendhammer also worked on cars. Also, he used to build houses with his wife. 

As a matter of fact, Kendhammer had a job at Holmen in 2016. 

Besides, Todd is most known for lying about the death of his wife. He faced a charge for first-degree intentional homicide. His descriptions of the incident were found false after a police investigation.

To point out, Kendhammer received a sentence to life imprisonment in March 2018. Also, he can have his parole, possibly after 30 years.

Todd Kendhammer Age: How Old Is He?

Todd Kendhammer age is 50 years old.

He is from West Salem, a village in Ohio. There is no information regarding his parents and childhood.

Also, his family background and academic qualifications have not been revealed as of now.

Kendhammer was 46 years of age when he had faced charges for intentional homicide. He had lied about the death of his wife, who was 44 years old at the time.

Todd Kendhammer and His Wife Barbara Kendhammer Story

Todd Kendhammer wife was Barbara Kendhammer.

The two were married for around 25 years when Barbara died in 2016.

Barbara used to work in a cafeteria of a local middle school, West Salem Middle School. In fact, she was a part-time worker there.

The two were on their way to work on the morning of September 16, 2016. Todd claimed a long pipe broke through the windshield to hit his wife.

However, a police investigation found his reports to be misleading. Also, they believed that Todd murdered his wife. Consequently, he was given the charges.

Where Is He Today?

Todd is in jail, serving 30 years of imprisonment.

Also, his attorneys are appealing his case. They had asked for an evidentiary hearing.

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