Whether you respect him or detest him, few figures have been quite as famous — or polarizing — in modern Hollywood than Tom Cruise.

As one of the greatest movie icons of the past three decades, he has ascended to the throne of glory and infamy in equal measure. Possessing a nearly infinite sense of bravado, his ego, sex appeal and charisma has brought him the attention of the entire world.

Catapulted to fame with shocking death-defying stunts in action film franchises like “Top Gun” and “Mission Impossible,” his image as a hero and savior is something he began to take even more seriously once he became entangled in a never-ending web of scandal, mystery and religious doctrine in the group of Scientology.

While his career has continued to remain at the top of the industry — even with plans to film the first movie in spacereports and clips of his personal life have brought intense ridicule and even fear from those in Hollywood and the public. Even after two disastrous divorces from the globally beloved Nicole Kidman and down-to-Earth Katie Holmes, Cruise, 59, has remained as dominant and enigmatic as ever.

So what is really going on behind the scenes — and what has caused him to become such an intense and fierce human being? Join me as we dive into his birth chart and stars because I’m a pop culture astrologer and I can see it all.

Tom Cruise astrology birth chart
Tom Cruise’s natal chart reveals a great deal about the superstar.

Tom Cruise’s birth chart shows he’s driven by his desire to be a leader

Tom Cruise was born on July 3, 1962. This makes him an emotional Cancer Sun with an expressive Leo Moon. His birth time hasn’t been confirmed, so let’s focus instead on what is fact. His chart has a great deal of Water and Fire elemental energy, which, if you think about it in a visual sense brings images of boiling water and steam. This is a guy who is driven by his passions and emotions — and nothing can stop him when he puts his heart and desire into something. On one hand, that’s immensely powerful, but it can also be very dangerous when it is not grounded and centered. Think about it this way: if you drink, touch or bathe in scalding water, you’ll get burned and can even be scarred.

Now let’s dive into the nuances of his chart, which are called astrological aspects. These illuminate very sensitive and unique aspects of one’s personality. First off: yes, Cruise is undeniably magnetic and charismatic. With his Sun linked gorgeously to Jupiter, he’s expansive and has true luck on his side. With his Mercury linked to Venus, we can see that he does have a charming, social and soft way of presenting himself when he wants to. He can be incredibly persuasive in a quiet, almost flattering way — so that when he’s trying to convince someone of something, he always spins it as he’s doing them a favor, when in all actuality, he’s getting what he wants from them.

The most significant theme that runs through his birth chart shows executive abilities — yes, Cruise is a leader. He sees himself as such and easily steps into that role, on-screen and in his personal life. He has a sense that he has to conquer the world before it conquers him. He has tremendous resources of passion to transform himself — and others and the world — to be reborn and match his vision of what he finds to be true.

Tom Cruise Sun Sign Cancer
Tom Cruise’s Sun Sign is Cancer.
John Phillips

Then we see his massively spiritual nature rise up as another theme. His Sun links with Neptune, which brings him a mystical perception of the world. With his Jupiter and Neptune dancing, he has a very high-minded and imaginative sense of himself and life. This perception of leadership and spirituality can be clearly seen in relation to his ascent as a beacon within the Scientology community.

However, there are a lot of things that are challenging and worrisome within his birth chart. They aren’t inherently bad, but without being balanced, recognized and channeled in healthy ways can create alarming results. His Mars clashes with Uranus, making him prone to extreme displays of anger and rebellion. He’s restless and ego-driven, but then can at times be emotionally insensitive to anyone who opposes him. He despises not being in control because in his eyes, he sees the true way of moving forward, whereas he distrusts others’ points of view.

His Moon, ruling his inner emotional life, is also under siege from both Saturn and Neptune. This makes him rigid, unable to release his emotions freely and face them. He’s actually intensely sensitive, but fixates on protecting himself from the influence or harm of others due to situations in his upbringing and past. He has very difficult relationships with women and the ideas of the feminine, as well as understanding the feminine within him (we are all a balance of masculine and feminine energy). He’s also prone to self-deception and when provoked, cannot handle self-control.

While this all paints a very vivid portrayal of Mr. Cruise, I am in no way condemning him nor speaking ill of his character or personality — I’m just stating that when you look at the overview of his stars, he has so many extremes that he has had to deal with. It has certainly fueled his success, but it has also alienated him from others, too. He’s very, very complex.

Katie Holmes Tom Cruise astrology
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had a deeply intense relationship as can be seen from their birth charts.
MJ Kim

Is Tom Cruise astrologically compatible with Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes?

Next up: let’s dive into Cruise’s rapport with ex-wives Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes! Now I want to go on the record that I do not believe any of them are bad people. Relationships come and go and serve the purpose to help us to evolve — even the more challenging ones or the ones that end. Nicole Kidman was born on June 20, 1967. This makes her a social Gemini Sun with a vibrant Sagittarius Moon.

Katie Holmes was born on Dec. 18, 1978. This makes her a spicy Sagittarius Sun with a fiery Leo Moon. Right off the bat, I find it interesting how Cruise chose two wives who are on a polarity — Gemini and Sagittarius vibrate similarly but are opposites of one another. A peculiar tango, if you will.

The natural draw at the onset for Cruise and Kidman, 54, is clear — there’s so much synergy that united them. While Kidman has since made it clear that she wants absolutely nothing to do with him — nor to even be associated with him (ouch!) — the relationship between their charts feels very karmic in nature, as if they were drawn together like a fatal attraction and inspired by what they could create.

However, as it grew, a darker side within them both emerged and like phoenixes, allowed them to burn it down and soar into opposite directions. The rapport between Cruise and Holmes, 43, is also very aligned within their charts — especially at the onset. This connection actually feels softer and sweeter of the two, as well as initially more expansive and joyous. There’s a more emotional edge here, but then: yikes! Prepare for the warfare!

Volatile intensity, isolation, rejection, demands and selfishness — with so many conflicts between Mars, Saturn, Pluto and other planets in one another’s charts. The sparkle sold them both on the promise of what they could do — but the genuine sense of fear, control and power struggles won in the end.

It breaks my heart peering into it all.

Tom Cruise astrology
Tom Cruise has brighter years ahead of him.
Gareth Cattermole

What are predictions for Tom Cruise?

In 2022, Cruise is in a very karmic cycle that is immensely important in his lifetime. This is called the Saturn Return — when the planet of karma returns to the exact same place in the sky it had been at his birth. This is a time of reckoning, where one sees everything they have built in the previous three decades pay off or be cleared away. For some, it feels like a dark cloud, as they must face both the good and the bad. However, it also allows one to set up new cycles for the coming three decades in regards to how they’d like to further build their legacy. This energy will continue until mid-2023.

Cruise is also experiencing an extremely lucky year in 2022 because of his Jupiter Return — which is when the planet of luck and miracles reunites with the same place it had been at his birth. He is likely to see tremendous new beginnings and happy growth in all areas of his life.

Last to note is that Cruise is experiencing powerful eclipses — representing fated events — around his love life, friendships and children in 2022 and 2023. On one hand, he could feel he’s found the perfect soul tribe — or instead he could be leaving people in the dust. These eclipses also highlight his true passions, creative endeavors and long-term aspirations. New heights and opportunities will manifest before him as he also decides what makes him truly happy. When it comes to “darker years,” he’s actually moving beyond that — the future is very bright. You heard it here first.

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