Who Is Eric Adams Partner? Everything To Know About Tracey Collins

Who Is Eric Adams Partner? Everything To Know About Tracey Collins

Eric Adams and his partner Tracey Collins have been together for a long time now. However they are reluctant to share their personal life.

Eric Adams is an American Politician. He is the Borough President of Brooklyn, New York City, and is a Mayoral Candidate for the 2021 election.

He is a retired police officer. The former cop for New York City Transit Police turned politician in the year 2006, started as a Senate in the year 2006.

Furthermore, he is the first African American to hold the position as a Borough President.

Many readers are curious to learn about Eric Adams’s partner, Tracey. Here are some details we have gathered about her.

Eric Adams Girlfriend: Tracey Collins

Eric Adams is living with his girlfriend Tracey Collins.

The couple owns a housing cooperative in Fort Lee, New Jersey. She is also a business partner of Eric Adams in real estate.

While Adams is very private about his personal life, It is known that Collins is an Educator who currently works in New York City.

During her career as an educator, she has been involved in various roles, including a teacher to a school principal.

Tracy admires children very much and refers to them as a scholar. As of now, she is the chairperson of the Educational Task Force for Adams.

Additionally, she is an author. Her inspirational book is titled “Sweet Promptings –  Showing Compassion For Others.”

Furthermore, she is working on a children’s book, which is set to be completed this year.

Both Eric Adams and Tracey Collins maintain a subtle profile.

Tracey Collins Age

Tracey Collins age is in the 40s.

However, her actual age, birthday, and astrological details could not be determined due to insufficient data.

Her Children Details

Tracey Collins admires children and would love to have one in the future.

However, she does not have any with her current partner Eric Adams.

Until now, the couple is not married. Hopefully, the couple will announce their wedding plans in the future.

Meet Her On Instagram

Tracey could not be discovered on the Instagram platform.

Perhaps she likes to live a private and peaceful life away from the media.

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