Many are curious about Trixie Lalaine Fabricante Scandal. She is famous for her Ig Vlogs. Get to know about her tattoo and YouTube details. 

She is considered as one of the multi-talented youth who speaks in the general topic.

Trixie Lalaine Fabricante Scandal And Issue 

Trixie Lalaine Fabricante Scandal and Issue topic are unclear.

She is known for exposing her bikini pictures.

But Lalaine gracefully accepts things she likes to do.

Some sources have even cited the leaks of her private videos on the internet.

It appears that Trixie is not the girl sources meant in the videos.

What does Her Tattoo Mean? 

The influencer has not defined trixie Lalaine’s tattoo meanings.

Moreover, looking at the wrist where her two tattoos are displayed, one shows paws which could describe her doggy.

The other tattoo’s meaning seems like a mystery.

Meet the Social Media Influencer on Instagram

Yes, Trixie Lalaine is highly popular on Instagram.

So far, she has 335k followers and 1182 posts.


Fabricante also has TikTok, with 3.1M followers, and shows viral content video covers.

Her TikTok videos are fire, and she never surprises to win over more than a thousand viewers.

Furthermore, Fabricante hits the mark of Top 20 Tiktok influencers in the Philippines.

Her IG Vlog

Trixie is popular on her Youtube Vlogs, and without a doubt, she is climbing up with positive reviews.

She has 52.2k subscribers and joined Youtube on August 1, 2018.

This shows in just 2 years; she has already achieved huge fan followers and supporters from worldwide.

One of the foremost reasons for her huge subscribers is that she talks about interesting topics, which is very realistic.

In addition, Trixie is very driven by providing very useful lifehacks, which could be a savior tip for many people.

Trixie Lalaine Fabricante Boyfriend

Trixie Lalaine is dating her boyfriend Paulo Magnayon.

They both make the duo appearance on their respective accounts on Tiktok.

He has huge followers of over 93.9k followers, is quite viral on social media.

What Is Her Age?  

Trixie Lalaine Fabricante’s age is not disclosed as of yet.

In addition, looking at her physique, she seems to belong in the age range of 18-25 years old.

Looking at her beautiful model figure photos and stunning pose of numerous pictures, she sure looks like a professional celebrity.

Source: Celebpie

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