Victor Aiola Wikipedia: Everything To Know About Re-elected Mayor of Chacabuco

Victor Aiola has not been highlighted on Wikipedia. But his fame goes wild as he is re-elected Mayor of Chacabuco. Find the details of his wife and net worth.

Victor is a pediatrician, re-elected mayor of Chacabuco, and member of Province Commette. He did his primary studies at School No.1 and secondary at School of Technical Education No. 1.

He is a pediatrician who graduated from the University of La Plata (UNLP) in 2000 and worked at the Del Carmen Hospital and the Children’s hospital named “Sor Maria Ludovica.’

In 2015, Victor beat former mayor Golia By more than a thousand votes and stepped into politics.

Victor himself is a candidate for re-election by together for change voted in the Municipal Palace. After his vote, he expressed to be happy and said that he would wait for the result with peace of mind.

Victor Aiola Wikipedia And Age

Victor Aiola is not featured on the official page of Wikipedia.

Victor’s age is 50 years old.

He was born on July 16, 1971, in the city of Chacabuco.

Other information about his childhood is not given on any social media. He seems to be a famous and lovable mayor. He shared birthday wishes from his fans on his Instagram. 

Although he studied medicine, He chooses to be a politician for the sake of his country. Aiola believes politics is a Nobel activity and tool for social transformation. 

Victor Aiola Wife: Is He Married?

Victor Aiola does not have a wife – he is not married.

There is no information about his marital status and wife since he hasn’t disclosed any details about his marriage life and his wife’s name on social media.

Victor Aiola Net Worth

Victor has not uncovered any details on his net worth yet.

Since he is a pediatrician as well as a politician, he must be wealthy. He might be earning somewhere around $155,989 per year, which is the standard Payscale salary of a Pediatrician.

Find Victor on Twitter

Victor Aiola is dynamic on his account as @victoraiola

He introduces himself as a pediatrician, re-elected mayor of Chacabuco, and member of Province Commette. He has made more than 6,902 tweets till now. He got 3,950 followers and following 6,902 people.

Victor usually posts more about the country issue and Covid-19.

Source: celebsaga

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