What Does Sizing Up Mean TikTok? Urban Dictionary Meaning

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Sizing Up in TikTok means when a man examines a woman to know if he can fit! Yikes!

Seems like it is getting harder to keep up with the changing meanings of slang these days. We have just discovered the meaning of Sizing up in TikTok.

And we are buffering. Just like many women out there. 

What Does Sizing Up Mean TikTok? Urban Dictionary Meaning

Sizing Up in Tikok means when a man looks at a woman and decides he can fit his d*** inside her.

The Urban dictionary describes Sizing Up as ‘When a man decides whether he can fit his “pen fifteen” in a woman by looking at her thighs. The meaning is the first upvoted vocab.

The second most upvoted meaning is “When a guy examines a girls thighs in order to see if she can take d*** from him”. Well, both meanings indicate the same thing. 

Now, the “Sizing Up” slang is going viral all over Tiktok recently. In fact, many girls were shocked to discover the actual meaning of Sizing Up.

The user named @bl0ndemilf was one of the first to start the trend. She posted a video by writing, “Just Found Out what sizing up means”. 



♬ original sound – 𝘬𝘢𝘺𝘭𝘪𝘦

The Tiktok has now over 650k views in just one day. Similarly, over 1000 people have commented on the video. 

Sizing Up Meaning On TikTok?

However, Sizing Up has many meanings on Tiktok.

Many Tiktokers use the sizing up slang when they are trying to size up their ear piercings. It is done when you use bigger and bigger earrings day by day to make your piercing hole large.

Sizing up also means when you need to size up your clothes. Likewise, another user named @georgetteidk stated that sizing up in her high school was meant to look up someone and examine if they can fight the person.


maybe it’s like aave or like a florida thing idk ##greenscreen ##fyp ##aave ##slang ##florida ##sizingup ##black ##904 og vid: @bl0ndemilf

♬ My Potna Dem – $ILKMONEY

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It seems like Sizing Up can be anything in Tiktok. Besides, the hashtag #sizingup has over 331.8k views on Titkok.  

But, literally, it means to critically evaluate something. 

How To Size Up? Explained

If you are talking about sizing up your ears, it can be easily explained.

You can start off with a small earring and increase the earring size as you become comfortable with the previous one. Finally, you can end up with the size that you want.

However, if you are wondering about the dirty sizing up, then it’s up to you. 

Besides, the slang has been negatively viewed by many women. It would not be appropriate if you really size up someone in real life!

Source: Celebpie

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