What Happened Between Eduin Caz And Wife Daisy Anahy? Divorce Reason Explored

Eduin Caz and his wife, Daisy Anahy, are edging closer to divorce, as revealed by an influencer called “Holy Milk.”

What happened between the two is still a mystery, but it is not the case of the vocalist’s another external affair as per the reports.

Celebrity Gossip News reports that the influencer passed on the details through Instagram live, where she talked about the power couple’s current situation. While talking about it, the lady said that she could confirm the separation of Caz and his partner.


Eduin Caz and his wife, Daisy Anahy
Eduin Caz and his wife, Daisy Anahy ( Source : Instagram )

Furthermore, the internet personality also said that the Grupo Firme star and Anahy have been living separately for some time. No one knew if they would come together in a few days or never.

In December 2021, Stephanie Hernandez stated about having an intimate relationship with Caz in 2019, and the situation got intense. In response to that claim, Eduin said that he had already disclosed that fact to his wife, and Hernandez used that information to blackmail him for money.

Remembering that incident, many people questioned if it was a similar case at the moment. Still, Holy Milk debugged that query and said that the situation was more like getting through the current situation for their relationship and finding a better solution to make time for each other.

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