What Happened To Leo's Real Dad On General Hospital?

When Olivia and Ned Quartermaine decided that Ned would officially adopt Leo, Olivia didn’t want the boy’s Jerome side of the family to be forgotten. So, she sat down and had a talk with Julian Jerome’s sister, Ava Jerome. She assured Ava that she’d never let Leo forget who his biological father was and Ava was pleased (via Soap Central).

Actress Lisa LoCicero thought it was time for Ned to become Leo’s father after he helped raise him. Ned truly solidified his place as Leo’s parent after he advocated for autism treatment the night Leo disappeared from Ava’s art gallery and Ned knew exactly where to track him down.

“When Leo went missing after he left Ava’s gallery, Ned’s attention and devotion and presence were the things that made it all okay,” LoCicero told Soap Hub. “He proved [his love] through actions. Words don’t mean anything. People can say a lot of stuff, but what do they do? How do they show up for you? He really showed who he is on a deep level by caring about what was most important.”

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