Fans were shocked and dismayed to learn of Ohtrapstar’s death since he went away at the age of 24 while the cause hasn’t been known yet.



David Garcia, popularly known as Ohtrapstar, seemed to appear out of nowhere. Despite the fact that he only began writing songs in December, the Cuban rapper is already one of Florida’s most popular performers. “Choppa,” his debut track, has already topped two million views on YouTube.

The song is catchy and addictive, with nods to current trap music and shoutouts to Trippie Redd, proving that he has done his homework and is well-versed in the rap game.

What Was The Cause Of Ohtrapstar Death?

Ohtrapstar’s music was becoming increasingly popular, but he unfortunately perished.

His admirers, on the other hand, were stunned to learn of his untimely passing. They are at a loss for words and have taken to social media to express their grief.

Ohtrapstar’s true cause of death has yet to be determined. The police inquiry has begun, and the autopsy results are pending.

He was youthful, active, and had time, which is a teenager’s most significant possession. Ohtrapstar could live his life whatever he wanted.

Who Is Ohtapstar? Wikipedia

Ohtapstar is a South Florida native who, like many of his friends in the area, rose to fame by indulging in social media pranks, leveraging his connections, and, most importantly, creating intriguing music.

ohtrapstar does not create genre-defying music; rather, he builds on a template that has proven popular in South Florida. ohtrapstar makes catchy, repetitive, and entertaining trap music, similar to his cousin Lil Pump and peer Smokepurrp.

He frequently collaborates with Lil Ominous, another Florida success story, and appears alongside other Florida Youtube creators, including an Aux Battle on Dareus’ channel and an interview on 6FT.

His smash song Choppa and other collaborations with Lil Ominous have made him a household name in Cuba. He followed up with the singles New Wave and Lean.

Ohtapstar Fun And Upbeat Music – Choppa

Ohtaostar’s music is upbeat and enjoyable, but the fact that the South Florida rapper has risen to stardom so quickly with only 13 songs shows why he has the makings of a superstar.

Fans questioned his skill after his song “Choppa” was shown to include nearly similar lyrics to Comethazine’s “Piped Up.”

Furthermore, he appears indifferent by the allegations, claiming that he has never bitten another rapper. Whatever the situation may be, ohtrapstar is a name that will only grow in 2018, but the news of his demise has sent shockwaves through his admirers.

In this difficult time, we send our prayers and support to his family and friends.

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