Gerry The Monk Hutch Was Arrested In Spain – How Much Is The Gangster Worth?

Gerry Hutch has amassed millions in terms of net worth by criminal activities. Learn about his wife and Wikipedia in the following article. 

Gerry Hutch is a well-known Irish criminal and gangster who is involved in several armed robberies and other crimes. Forming a gang and getting into crime was started from his childhood. 

He has done the two big armed robberies, which made him the most wanted criminal in Ireland. Even overseas police were in search of him. 

Despite his work, he had a disciplined ascetic lifestyle while living in prison. Back in 1985, when he was still in prison, he was nicknamed ‘The Monk’ by a journalist named Veronica Geurin.

He had been fleeing in Turkey and Spain. Recently, he is reported to be arrested in Spain.

What Is Gerry Hutch Net Worth? How Rich Is He?

Gerry Hutch has an estimated net worth of about £15 million. He has been involved in gangs and robberies since the age of 10. He is a pretty rich guy.

Back in the 1970s, he had joined the Bugsy Malone Gang. In the 1980s, the gang had been said to have gathered IR£40 million from robberies, bank loots, and jewelry robberies. 

Also, a few years back, Gerry had fled with about IR£30 million. However, in a public conference, he had mentioned his property and assets are not from the robberies. 

Meet Gerry Hutch’s Wife and Family

Gerry Hutch’s wife is a pretty lady named Patricia Hutch. There is no information on when they got married.

Also, there are rumors of them being divorced a few years back. Talking about his kids and family, he has two daughters named Jennifer and Leonda Hutch. 

His daughter, Jennifer, had married David Usher in 2006. Gerry had a nephew Gary Hutch who died in 2015. Also, he has a brother named Eddie Hutch Senior. 

He also died in 2016 in a bullet shooting. Gerry is of Irish nationality, as he was born in Central Dublin. 

Gerry Hutch Wikipedia

Gerry Hutch’s biography is already featured on Wikipedia’s official webpage. Moreover, his criminal career profile has made him quite popular over the internet.

Gerry was born in Central Dublin. There is no information regarding his education. Professionally, he is involved in crimes since the age of 10.

In between, he declared to leave all the crime and started to drive a taxi. He even drove celebrities like Mike Tyson.

He has done lots of robberies in Ireland, as well as Europe. In April 2021, he got European Arrest Warrant because of his suspected connection with the murder of David Bryne. 

Recently, he has got arrested in Spain. Prison is no new for him. Most probably, he might get much greater punishment this time. 

Source: Celebpie

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