How Old Is August Pullman Today? Wonder Protagonist Update 2021

How Old Is August Pullman Today? Wonder Protagonist Update 2021

Where Is August Pullman Now? It has been a while that fans have not heard from the main protagonist in Wonder. Lets see where he is in 2021.

August (Auggie) Pullman is the fictional character of R.J. Palacio’s 2012 book, Wonder. The boy has facial differences, and the book portrays his experiences in everyday life dealing with the condition.

R.J. Palacio’s book and the fictional August Pullman’s character is based on Nathaniel Newman and other children who have Treacher Collins Syndrome like him.

The syndrome is a rare craniofacial disorder that’s caused by mutations in a specific gene.

August Pullman Age And Wikipedia

The fictional character August’s age was 10 years.

August Pullman Wikipedia has not been published, but the wonder wiki fandom page has noted him

On the other hand, Nathaniel Newman’s age is 15 years currently.

He has been documented by several reputed websites like People and ABC News. 

Nathaniel’s real-life story is as compelling as the story in Wonder. He has faced many hardships in his life until now.

Meet Wonder Character August Parents And Family

August Pullman parents were Isabel Pullman and Nate Pullman in the book.

However, we know that it is just fictional.

So who are the parents of real-life August Pullman?

Nathaniel was born to parents Magda Newman and Russel Newman, reports ABC News.

Nathaniel has a younger brother, Jacob Newman, who is 13 years old at the moment.

Furthermore, the Newman family was aired in an episode of “20/20” on ABC two years back. 

Where Is August Pullman Now In 2021?

August Pullman, being the main protagonist character of Wonder, has always been in the hearts of millions of readers. 

However, Nathaniel Newman is now in his Sophomore year at Skyline High School in Sammamish, Washington, as of 2021.

He is heavily back into Star Wars and loves playing games on his Playstation.

Furthermore, his mother Magda mentioned that Nathaniel’s tracheostomy came out, and he doesn’t have to visit doctors quite often as he used to. 

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