John Manard Now: Where Is Kansas Prisoner Today? Dateline Wiki

John Manard Now: Where Is Kansas Prisoner Today? Dateline Wiki

Where is John Manard now? He is serving his time in jail now. His story is set to feature in NBC Dateline on June 11.

John is a Kansas life-term prisoner who escaped from the Lansing Correctional Facility. Reportedly, his girlfriend, Toby Dorr, helped him.

He was arrested in 1996 for the first-degree murder of Donald England. Later, he used a dog crate to escape from the prison.

John Manard Now: Where Is Kansas Prisoner Today?

As of today, John Manard is in New Hampshire jail.

In October 2005, he met Toby Dorr, a married woman. She used to work in the rehabilitative program.

After they met each other, they realized how alike they were. Despite Toby’s marriage, they fell in love.

On February 13, 2006, John implemented his plan and escaped with the help of Toby. Reportedly, they drove to a storage unit.

Later, they fled to Tennessee via a pre-placed truck. They drove to Chattanooga but were caught.

The Federal Fugitive Task Force officers chased the couple. Unfortunately, John lost his control and crashed the vehicle.

Previously, John was serving a lengthy life sentence. Now, he is imprisoned for additional ten years.

Everything To Know About John Story on Dateline

John Manard’s great escape is featuring on NBC‘s Dateline: Breakout.

Toby is speaking on the matter for the first time on television. Reportedly, she was 48 years old at that time.

Moreover, she worked as a jail volunteer. Furthermore, she is the mother of two children.

After their great escape, they had lived in a cabin for almost two weeks. When they got caught, the authorities discovered guns, cash, and sex toys.

At that time, John was 27 years old. The case got media attention, and people called him a ‘cunning man.’

Many believed that he was using his girlfriend. Later, he revealed that the rumors were not true, and he was indeed serious about Toby.

His Wiki Explored

John Manard’s bio is not present on Wikipedia.

However, we can read his story from The Cinemaholic. The site mentions that he is 42 years old today.

Moreover, we have no idea about his family life. But, we know that his ex-lover, Toby is married to her new husband, Chris.

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