A mother named Amanda Pendarvis from Oklahoma has slammed an American Airlines flight attendant for removing her family from a plane because her asthmatic 2-year-old kid wasn’t wearing his mask properly.

Amanda Pendarvis claimed she, her son Waylon, and her mother were on the second leg of a flight to Colorado Springs when the crew member in question approached them at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport on Monday.

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She is around 28-30 years old. Her son named Waylon is 2 years old.

This week, she made headlines after being ejected from a flight because her asthmatic son was not wearing a face mask. When the incident occurred, Amanda was on an American Airlines trip from Dallas to Colorado Springs with her mother and 2-year-old son Waylon.

She documented the entire ordeal on her Instagram Story. Amanda and her son were flying back from a family vacation when the flight attendant spotted Waylon, 2, attempting to put on a face mask.

Because he had asthma and was unable to properly wear his mask, they were removed from the airplane and questioned by three police officers.

She shared a video of the encounter on Instagram with the caption, “I was not refusing a mask. Nor did i even say I wouldn’t try to keep a mask on my son. We were escorted off the plane as I was holding a mask over his little face. I genuinely don’t have words.”

The toddler can be heard coughing, sobbing, and straining to breathe while his mother holds a mask over his face in the video.

In another Instagram Story, she said the pilot said over the intercom, “I’m sorry for the delay but we are dealing with a non-compliant traveler.”

Amanda turned to Facebook after her Instagram Stories went viral to publish a lengthy explanation in which she detailed everything that had happened.

She said that the flight attendants on the way to Dallas were quite kind and didn’t even notice that he wasn’t wearing a mask. On the way home, however, she was advised to “contain her son” when he was walking down the aisle, and then that he had to wear a mask despite the fact that he was only two years old.

Even after showing Carl, the flight attendant, her son’s negative Covid test, he insisted on wearing a mask.

She said, “My son has never worn a mask before, he was tired and fidgety and I couldn’t get him to keep the mask on. It escalated to the point he wouldn’t keep the mask on, was covered in sweat, hysterical and kept screaming,”

After realizing there was no problem, an American Airlines employee rebooked them on another flight ten minutes later but indicated there was nothing they could do because the flight attendant’s decision was final.

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