Jay Schreckengost, deputy chief of the Seattle Fire Department, is still being sought by more than 60 persons.

Last Wednesday, Schreckengost’s family discovered his pickup parked along a forest service road and reported him missing.

Hundreds of volunteers, SFD officers, and other employees have since assisted in the search for the chief.

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The chief was on a hunting excursion with his son in the Cliffdell area.

He is 56 years old.

On Wednesday, Schreckengost’s truck was discovered and became the focal point of the hunt.

Crews have been scouring sections of the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, including several square miles of extremely rugged terrain that the Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office said has been maneuvered in difficult conditions, including periods of snow over the last two days, in its latest Facebook update Saturday.

According to the sheriff’s office, resources included a Chinook helicopter, Mountain Rescue Teams, 4×4 teams, and six K9 teams.

Kristin Tinsley, a Seattle Fire spokesman, told the Seattle Times on Sunday, “There’s a lot of emotions. It’s been a really tough event, but we remain hopeful,”

“Jay’s an experienced hunter. He’s an avid outdoorsman. He has that prepared mindset. We’re thinking that he’s out there with supplies.”

Tinsley added, “The people up here that are searching are really invested in the search effort,”

“We’re not just colleagues with Jay, but we’re lifelong friends.”

Search and rescue coordinators were in charge of seven teams of ground searchers, four K9 search teams, and infrared-equipped drones from both counties as of Thursday morning.

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Hundreds of Seattle Fire Department volunteers had arrived in eastern Washington to assist.

Over the weekend, more than a hundred people helped with the hunt.

Despite the fact that search personnel had not uncovered indication that they were on Schreckengost’s trial by midday Sunday, a rescue mission was still underway, according to Kittitas County Sheriff’s Inspector Chris Whitsett.

According to Schreckengost’s relatives, some items discovered that were assumed to belong to the missing deputy chief were not his.

According to Whitsett, the region being sought is “steep, hard country” with several ravines and steep inclines, with an elevation of about 2,500 feet in just 3 miles.

Kittcom, Kittitas County’s dispatch center, is asking anyone with information that could help in the search to call 509-925-8534.

Source: 101Biography

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