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Joseph Angel Alvarez, who ranted in emails about satanic rituals and abortion, claimed that he targeted Georgette and Daniel Kauffman in part because of the Biden flag in their yard and a “Trump doll” hanging there, reported the local television station KDBC. An apparently unhinged Texas man allegedly attacked a couple, killing the wife and shooting her husband, because they were Biden voters, according to a report.

Georgette Kauffman’s body was found inside her garage, a criminal complaint revealed. Daniel Kauffman told KDBC he was shot five times, but he managed to crawl out of his house and reach a neighbor’s house for help. Alvarez allegedly targeted the couple on November 14, 2020, shortly after the US presidential election, at their home in El Paso. Álvarez was arrested on September 8, almost a year later, KWTX reported on Friday.

Joseph Angel Alvarez Age

Joseph Angel Alvarez is 38 years old.

Joseph Angel Alvarez killed a woman, shot her husband because they voted for Biden

Investigators discovered emails allegedly sent by Alvarez declaring his extremist religious beliefs and identifying “right to choose” advocates as the “Jewish Satanist Party” and claiming that abortions were “Jewish child sacrifices.” An email allegedly sent by Alvarez to Military Intelligence group 902D included claims that he targeted Kaufmann’s home near Memorial Park because they voted for Biden and had a “Biden flag and a Trump doll hanging.”

Police are now holding 38-year-old Joseph Angel Alvarez in the El Paso County Jail on $ 2.5 million bail after a SWAT team and detectives arrested him outside his work at Papa John’s Pizza, they confirmed in a press release Wednesday.

Álvarez’s arrest came in connection with the shooting of attorneys Georgette Kaufmann, 50, and Daniel Kaufmann, 47, El Paso Police Department officials confirmed. According to an obituary, Georgette worked in the Texas Attorney General’s Office as an assistant attorney general in the Division of Child Support in El Paso for seven years.

On the night of November 14 last year, officers responded to a shooting call and found Daniel Kaufmann with gunshot wounds at a nearby residence. After a search in the area, the police discovered the body of his wife.

According to court documents obtained by the El Paso Times, Alvarez said he was “ executing and exterminating pro-abortion Jewish Satan worshipers ” when he descended on the Kaufmann home, ambushing Georgette Kaufmann before attempting to enter the home and shoot her husband.

Alvarez allegedly attacked a group of four houses that included the Kaufmanns’ because of their proximity to a local park. Police said in an affidavit that the suspect committed the crimes based on his belief that the four houses were involved in “satanic activities” associated with Memorial Park.

After the murder, police investigators said they discovered a message that Alvarez apparently had written to a U.S. Army email address that described extremist beliefs, which included photographs of houses near the park and images of the road. entry of their victims, according to the affidavit, according to KFOX.

Álvarez said in the email that Memorial Park was the location of a “ritualistic satanic ground for performing abortions by means of magic,” the outlet reported. He also allegedly said in the email that he targeted the Kaufmann home because he believed they had voted for President Joe Biden and had a “Biden flag and a Trump doll hanging.” He also called pro-abortion people the “Jewish Satanist Party,” the outlet reported.

Police said Alvarez also demanded in the email that people “stop all killing of babies,” the El Paso Times reported. Police noted that on the night of the alleged murder, another home in the target block had Democrat and LGBTQ posters on its front lawn, according to cell phone data collected by investigators.

Around 7:35 p.m. On the night of the attack, police said Alvarez shot Georgette Kaufmann through a separate garage door as she was returning home and then tried to open a door at the couple’s home. According to police, Daniel Kaufmann heard sounds at the door and the suspect allegedly shot him as he was walking towards the back door. Álvarez fled the scene, police said, and Daniel Kaufmann somehow managed to get to a neighbor’s home to dial 911.

Daniel Kaufmann told KFOX that he was shot five times and hit in the head, shoulder, and wrist. The shooter missed twice, he said. Responding officers later found him injured in the neighbor’s home, police said. The body of his wife was found in the garage.

According to the El Paso Times, police also identified a Facebook page that allegedly belonged to Álvarez, where he talked about being fired from an airport job. In the affidavit, the police wrote that he had been fired after stalking a co-worker and confronting her as she got out of her car in a manner similar to “how Georgette Kaufmann was approached and murdered, getting out of her vehicle and out the door of the driver’s side. ”

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