On Nov. 30, the Rev. C. Herbert Oliver, a civil rights activist who battled segregationist police commissioner Bull Connor in Birmingham, Ala., and questioned the way New York City’s public school system educated Black children, died in Brooklyn.

Patrice Oliver, his daughter, verified his death. He had been brought to the hospital about a week before with respiratory difficulties, she claimed.

He was 96 years old.

The marriage of Mr. Oliver and Ruby King ended in divorce.

He is survived by his wife, Lorna (Silvera) Oliver, his daughter from that marriage, a son, Claude, from his first marriage, and a grandchild.

In the 1960s, Oliver was a giant in the civil rights movement.

He was the secretary of the Inter-Citizens Committee, which was founded by a board of black ministers in Birmingham to document the police brutality of black Americans.

98 examples of mysterious deaths in police custody were documented by the group, many of which occurred under segregationist police commissioner T Eugene (Bull) Connor.

Oliver went on to protest the way the public school system in New York City separated white and black pupils later in his life.

The iconic figure died on November 30 in Brooklyn, according to Oliver’s daughter.

His daughter, Patrice Oliver, told the New York Times that dad had been brought to the hospital a week before for lung problems.

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