10 White Lotus Characters Season 2, Ranked From Worst to Best

Mike White’s The White Lotus is a satirical drama following the lives of ultra-wealthy and privileged people while they’re on vacation in the world’s most luxurious resorts. Even though season 1 was already a global hit, season 2 turned out to be an even bigger success. It featured some of the most interesting characters in television history.

The White Lotus owes much of its success to the fascinating dynamics between millionaires and the less privileged. It’s also an incredibly complex character study with insufferable yet iconic characters. So here are 10 White Lotus characters from season 2, ranked from worst to best.

10. Cameron

Cameron The White Lotus

Cameron is the most obnoxious and insufferable character in The White Lotus season 2 for so many reasons. First, he’s the pure definition of toxic masculinity. He’s a privileged man-child born into wealth, and it truly shows in everything he does. From trying to get with his best friend’s wife and cheating on his own wife to playing manipulative games and degrading Ethan’s success, Cameron is unlikeable in every single way.

9. Bert

Bert White Lotus

Bert is another example of toxic masculinity, but he’s a different type of chauvinist. He makes women uncomfortable with his sleazy and inappropriate comments. From what we can see in season 2, he wasn’t such a good father figure to Dominic and an even worse husband who cheated on his wife repeatedly. He has a few funny moments in the show but is generally one of the most insufferable characters.

8. Dominic

Dominic The White Lotus

Like father, like son. Bert’s son, Dominic, is a problematic and flawed character, to say the least. He relentlessly cheats on his wife, not just on vacation but while he’s at home too. It’s pretty clear why his wife doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore, but he won’t quit trying to win her back. Instead of working on his problems and redeeming himself for his mistakes, he just continues with his bad habits while in Sicily. The fact he hires a prostitute the minute he sets foot in Italy proves how terrible he is.

7. Portia

Portia The White Lotus season 2 characters

Portia is the classic Gen Z character. She is going through the typical crisis every 20-year-old experiences, so it’s hard to judge her for her actions. Even though she poses as a confident woman who knows exactly what she wants in life, nothing could be further from the truth. She’s actually completely lost and unsure about the future. Even though her choices are questionable at times, Portia is quite a relatable character.

6. Mia and Lucia

Mia and Lucia

Mia and Lucia are the most iconic duo of The White Lotus season 2. At the beginning of the season, they’re charming and kind to everyone. They’re sex workers that don’t let anyone take advantage of them. It’s quite empowering and liberating to see them stand up for themselves, and you find yourself routing for them, especially when they go out of their way to annoy Dominic. However, their characters become questionable after they use Albie and embezzle his family out of a huge amount of money.

5. Ethan

Ethan The White Lotus season 2 characters

Ethan is a hard-working man who earned his way to the top. He’s still trying to get used to the new ultrawealthy lifestyle as he wasn’t born, unlike his friend Cameron. His character is a bit questionable because he genuinely seems like a nice person but is sometimes, too self-centered and indifferent to his wife. At times, he’s a hypocrite who says one thing and then does the opposite. The show leaves his character a bit vague, so viewers are left unsure whether he truly cheated on his wife or stayed loyal to her.

4. Harper

Harper White Lotus

Harper is one of the most real characters in The White Lotus season 2. She doesn’t like Daphne and Cameron because she can’t stand fake wealthy people. They’re everything she despises, but at the same time, she’s intrigued by their odd dynamics. She has her own marriage problems and is going above and beyond to fix them throughout the entire season. She’s one of the best characters, and viewers loved watching her judge others.

3. Daphne

Daphne White Lotus

Even though Daphne seems completely oblivious at the beginning of the season, she turns out to be one of the most powerful characters on the show. She comes off as a bubbly and positive person but later reveals to Ethan that it’s all a mask she intentionally put on. It’s a coping mechanism that helps her find happiness and justice in her own way. Daphne refuses to be a victim. Instead, she does what needs to be done and continues living life unbothered and happy. Her quiet power is the main reason she’s one of the best characters in The White Lotus season 2.

2. Albie

Albie The White Lotus season 2 characters

Albie is a unique and complex character. Unlike his paternal figures (Dominic and Bert), he believes in woman’s rights and respects their choices. Unfortunately, Albie is too nice for his own good. When Portia ghosts him and leaves him for a bad boy, he ends up falling in love with Lucia. But she takes advantage of his kindness and steals his family’s money. Albie is the type of person you can’t hold a grudge over, but you get annoyed seeing how gullible he is.

1. Tanya


After stealing the show in season 1, Tanya returns to season 2 and does it again! She’s the most likable character on The White Lotus, mostly because of her strange personality, incredible honesty, and genuinely kind heart. Tanya just wants to be happy, and that’s the main reason why she’s the best character on the show. Unfortunately, she dies tragically by falling off over the side of the yacht and hitting her head on a boat. The final scene, where she goes on a shooting spree while trying to escape “the evil gays,” is a true television gem. Tanya shows viewers one last time how iconic she truly is.

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