5 Possible Gossip Girl Spin-Offs

For a pop culture sensation like Gossip Girl, a spin-off is never off the table. And the recent release of the Gossip Girl reboot proves that point. But when the original is so iconic, it makes it challenging for the revival to live up to the hype, so it makes sense why the reboot wasn’t such a success among the show’s fans. Some fans claimed the new cast couldn’t come any close to the chemistry of the OG cast. Others weren’t impressed by the lack of charisma of the new Gossip Girl generation, pointing out they didn’t even resemble close friends. So, now the question on everyone’s minds is whether there could be some other spin-offs on the horizon for the Gossip Girl universe.

Even though the original series seemingly marked the end of every main character’s story, there still might be a chance for continuation. There are still many possibilities to expand the show through its main characters, possibly even going back in time and providing more details about some underdeveloped storylines. It’s never too late to create a strong and entertaining Gossip Girl spin-off that could live up to the groundbreaking legacy of the original. So, here are five possible Gossip Girl spin-offs that fans would most definitely eat up today.

1. Valley Girls

Valley Girls Gossip Girl spin-off

One of the most promising Gossip Girl spin-offs would be about Lily van der Woodsen’s mysterious past. The hardcore fans of the show surely remember the episode in Gossip Girl season 2 titled “Valley Girls” when the show went back in time to reflect on Lily’s troubled youth. But not many people know that this episode actually served as a backdoor pilot for a potential spin-off that would chronicle Lily’s life and potentially tell the story of how she and Rufus Humphrey first fell in love. The episode received a lot of positive praise from both critics and viewers but eventually didn’t get picked up.

Looking back at the “Valley Girls” episode now, the idea seems generally promising and full of potential. With the recent popularization of 1980s aesthetic and retro nostalgia (we’re looking at you, Stranger Things), this spin-off could be a huge success today. It could feature iconic 1980 fashion since Lily is famous for her outstanding fashion style. Her character was always quite intriguing, balancing between a free-spirited rebellious soul and a refined traditionalist socialite. The spin-off could play on the 1980 nostalgia and the immense success of the original, making Valley Girls a promising Gossip Girl prequel.

2. Dan After Gossip Girl

You show

At the end of Gossip Girl, it was revealed that it was the lonely boy who was behind the mysterious blog all along. So, another promising spin-off idea would be to get a better glance into Dan Humphrey’s secret life. As it turned out, he was not what everyone thought he was – a kind and generous soul. He was actually secretly stalking his friends and family, exposing their darkest secrets online, and pretty much torturing them for years. It would be intriguing to follow his life after his secret identity got revealed. Would he continue doing what he obviously enjoyed doing for so long? Or would he settle down and live a normal life? The spin-off could follow Dan after the big reveal as he finds other ways to satisfy his psychopathic desires. Sound familiar? Well, Netflix’s drama series You looks awfully similar to what this potential spin-off would look like. Who knows? You might be a Gossip Girl spin-off in disguise.

3. Blair and Chuck as Adults

Blair Chuck Gossip Girl

Blair and Chuck are the most iconic couple in Gossip Girl history. They were the ultimate partners in crime, constantly scheming around and taking revenge against those who’ve wronged them. Their on-and-off dynamic was one of the most exciting parts of Gossip Girl, and fans could never get enough of it. The show ended with them getting their happily ever after, but many fans wonder whether that’s even possible for natural-born schemers like Blair and Chuck. Another promising spin-off idea would be to follow Blair and Chuck’s married life as adults. There are endless possibilities for their story to continue, giving fans more of this legendary couple.

4. Serena After Dan

Serena Dan Gossip Girl

Serena and Dan also got their happily ever after at the end of Gossip Girl. But many fans were right to question this decision. After all, Dan turned out to be a stalking meance who tortured Serena’s friends and family for so long. So how could she have turned a blind eye and gotten back with him after everything he’s done? It doesn’t make much sense, and Serena deserved better. It would be interesting to see a spin-off where Serena finally realizes her worth, leaves Dan, and lives her best life. The spin-off could follow her healing journey after a toxic relationship, finally learning to be happy by herself and embracing self-love.

5. Road to Waldorf Designs

Waldorf Designs Gossip Girl spin-off

Eleanor Waldorf is one of the most respectable and realistic characters on Gossip Girl. She is proof that you can be a good mother and a successful businesswoman at the same time. She grew a lot as a person throughout the show, going from a slightly distant mother to a more present and warmer individual. Elenor is the founder of an iconic fashion house Waldorf Designs, which is constantly referenced in the show as a huge hit among Manhattanites. But how did it all start for the brand? It would be exciting to watch a prequel about the development of Waldorf Designs, potentially centered around the world of fashion and the complexities of the fashion industry.

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