Adrienne Bailon shares the best and worst parts of motherhood

Adrienne Bailon welcomed her first child last year, and she says that the most challenging aspect of motherhood is… “having sex with a sleeping baby in the room.”

The former member of the Cheetah Girls told us: “The worst thing about motherhood would be getting it on with a sleeping baby in the room, but you just make it happen.”

She added: “It was fun at first… but now you’re like, ‘OK, this gets awkward.’ My son is 7-months old. We are close sleepers over here, so sometimes I just put the baby in the crib and then it’s quiet time.”

Bailon, 39, had a baby boy, Ever James, via surrogate last August with her husband of eight years, singer Israel Houghton, 51.

Adrienne Bailon- Houghton and husband Israel posing in black with newborn son Ever James.
The star and her husband, Israel, are parents to a 7-month old son, Ever James.
Adrienne Bailon in bed in white cuddling her baby boy.
The E News! host says she is discovering new life experiences with her son.

Then again, “The best thing about motherhood is seeing the world through my child’s eyes,” she says. “I feel like even though I am going to be 40 this year, I am zero years old because I have these new experiences with my child now. Just the smallest things that he discovers — from his toes to a toy — I am in awe of watching him grow up.”

Adrienne Bailon in green suit standing outside with her son Ever James.
The 39-year-old helped her surrogate deliver her son back in August.

The former “The Real” co-host remained very private about her IVF journey before her son was born. But she subsequently shared that it was one of “the hardest times of her life.”

“I think the hardest time for me was during ‘The Real,” she said. “I actually end up gaining over 20 pounds during this journey of IVF, and shots and procedures. I was shooting myself with hormones for literally a total of six years. There was a lot of weight fluctuation… and even bloating. When I was on ‘The Real,’ people would write in the comments on the page like, ‘Oh she’s definitely pregnant. I can see her face is full or her stomach is bloated. I think she’s pregnant,’ and that was really hard.”

Adrienne Bailon in black posing on steps.
“The Real” former co-host says she weathered some negative comments from viewers.
Close up picture of Adrienne Bailon face sitting in the car.
The entrepreneur says her self esteem took a hit because of public comments by fans.

She added, “I went through a lot of changes… it made me feel super insecure. I feel like for a really long time I was like, ‘I’m not going to do any red carpets’… I just wasn’t feeling my best, and I feel like I was already going through so much with my emotional level, so to be criticized on a physical level did not help.” 

The proud new mom is now part of a new Bounty campaign as one of her latest projects.

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