Andrew Whitworth Makes Hilarious Case to Join Contender

Andrew Whitworth


Andrew Whitworth after Super Bowl 56.

Andrew Whitworth can’t seem to rest his fingers in his post-NFL career.

The Los Angeles Rams legend and Super Bowl 56 winner used all 10 to prevent edge rushers from getting to his quarterback. Now, “Big Whit” continues to use his fingers, but to speak his honesty and show his sense of humor on Twitter.

The All-Pro continues to be active on the app since joining the social media platform in July. He’s already shown his honest side with blasting football analytical sites and the NFL Network’s Top 100 list.

Now, on the late morning of Monday, August 22, Whitworth became aware of one team’s inconsistent offensive line unit — prompting him to jokingly say he’s altering one important documentation to look appealing for this aspiring Super Bowl contender.

What Whitworth Posted

The Las Vegas Raiders, for all their Super Bowl hype after adding Davante Adams and Chandler Jones in free agency, have started to deal with inconsistency on the offensive line.

The unit surrendered 40 sacks last season. During the 2022 preseason, the Raiders’ front line has allowed 13 total sacks — five versus the Jacksonville Jaguars (with Ex-Raider and former San Francisco 49ers edge rusher Arden Key getting two sacks) then four in back-to-back games against the Minnesota Vikings and Miami Dolphins.

Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus took to Twitter to propose this idea — which also got Whitworth to respond to his proposal.

“Raiders should be making phone calls to every available veteran free agent offensive lineman,” Monson posted. “They have cap flexibility and the OL could sink everything they’ve got going on offense at the moment.”

Well, Whitworth hilariously shared that he’s trying to make himself appear younger so he can appeal to the Silver and Black.

“Currently trying to forge my birth certificate to 12/12/1991,” Whitworth joked.

If Whitworth were to actually pull off remaking his birth certificate, that would make him a 30-year-old blindside protector — age appropriate for teams seeking younger options to protect the passer.

Whitworth, though, is happily retired and now transitioning into his new gig as studio analyst for Amazon’s Thursday Night NFL team.

Whitworth Does Offer Strong Take on Key Preseason Injury

Whitworth, to reiterate, is showing he’s not shying away from dishing out his humor or honesty.

And watching the block that injured prized New York Giants rookie defensive end Kayvon Thibodeaux against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, August 21 prompted an online discussion from “Big Whit.” Here was the play that handed Thibodeaux an MCL injury.

Luckily, the top five pick has a timetable of sitting out for three weeks, meaning he could still return by the Giants’ September 11 season opener.

Still, the cut block that was delivered to Thibodeaux has sparked a conversation online if the tactic should be banned by the league and if it was a dirty play. Former NFL quarterback turned media personality Robert Griffin III has called for the block to be removed by the NFL. Whitworth, though, asked “RG3” this:

“My question would be…You saying eliminate the ability to block across formation?” Whitworth asked. “To eliminate that low block means having two players running at each other hitting helmet to helmet full speed. And most likely the DE not seeing it until it happens. Not sure that’s any safer.”

He did agree that the block didn’t look right.

Whitworth also gave a strong response to another renowned media personality in Emmanuel Acho, who called the block “ridiculous,” “dangerous” and “cowardly.”

Whitworth responded: “Ouch! Cowardly ? I’m all for the discussion of keeping guys healthy and if this block is dangerous needs to be removed. But call a guy a coward for doing exactly what he’s coached. I’m usually with ya on most things. That doesn’t make sense to me though.”

The two men, though, agreed with this discovery that Whitworth pointed out: The league is behind on lower extremity plays.

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