Bella Thorne was Almost Fired for Wearing a Bikini

Credit: Shake It Up

Bella Thorne was almost fired for wearing a bikini when she was around 14 years of age. One might think this sounds kind of harsh, but with the Disney image, it’s what was expected. In recent years, Disney has loosened up their idea of what works and what doesn’t. But this didn’t help Bella’s reputation as time went on. 

It’s a little too easy to see that Bella has sometimes taken on the bad girl role. The truth is that she does have a specific look that attracts notice but can be twisted with a bad reputation. In her own words, she didn’t really care what she was wearing. The social media response was enough to give her a bad reputation. Like it or not, people are vicious online, as many actors know.

The idea that many people shamed Bella at such a young age is deplorable. It’s true; she’s not the first person this has happened to. The fact that social media exploded this way made it clear that Disney had to react. But unfortunately, Disney doesn’t always stand behind their talent. 

Credit: Shake It Up

The idea that there are people in charge of the wardrobe makes this tale a little sketchy

Reading the details of this story might make some folks lean one way or the other. The fact is that every movie and TV show does have a wardrobe department. The responsibility of the said department is to outfit those on set, at least as far as most understand it. But this leaves a significant argument about who was responsible for Bella’s outfit. 

Disney has had plenty of issues with stars and others in its employ over the years. But the understanding is that the corporation should take care of its talent when possible and perhaps reprimand them when they do something wrong in a willful fashion. Depending on how this moment really happened, it’s likely that the Mouse House dropped the ball. 

There’s a chance that Bella did what she wanted. She was a teenager, in all fairness, and there’s a chance that wires were crossed and mistakes were made. But nearly turning this into a firing offense feels dramatic. 

To this day, Bella is still seen as the wrong girl type

She’s taken on a few roles that have painted her as a bad girl in recent years and done quite well. It’s tough to say if this experience was enough to make that happen, but it does feel like there’s more to it. Bella has discussed how she was abused as a child, which can do a great deal of damage to anyone. 

Bella isn’t the only young woman that’s had to deal with her sexuality on set. If fans recall, Megan Fox has told her story as well as it relates to her time around Michael Bay. Some people will question these stories and attempt to make the young women sound suspect. But the truth is that listening to them can sometimes reveal the truth of the matter. 

Credit: Shake It Up

In all fairness, Bella plays the bad girl quite well

The upside of her reputation is that she plays it well, which has helped elevate her in Hollywood. While she can play more than one part in various productions, Bella still looks like someone better not to mess with. Something about her tough appearance appears to state that she’s not wise to underestimate either. 

Like many other younger women in Hollywood, Bella has had to work a bit harder at times to keep herself busy and to stay out of the tabloids. It’s easy to state that this isn’t fair, but many people decide not to listen. The fact that nude photographs were nearly used in an extortion attempt against Bella didn’t help. 

The fact is that people judge before they think. Looking at Bella, it’s easy to think that she’s tough, no-nonsense, and might have a few scandals under her belt. Even if she did, however, she’s proven that she’s a skilled actress and has earned her way like everything else. Disney nearly made yet another mistake 11 years ago; it would seem. 

A reputation is something  that’s hard to shake

Unfortunately, a reputation sticks with a person for a long time. Bella has done well for herself despite this hiccup in her career, but it’s fair to state that many people still look at her askance. 

It doesn’t appear to bother Bella that much, thankfully. Her reputation is what she makes of it, and the opinions of others appear as just that, opinions. As for the rest, it’s in the past, where it no longer matters. 

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