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Today is United Nation’s World Children’s Day. On Saturday, celebrities used their social media platforms to bring attention to the children being held hostage in Gaza by Hamas.

The videos feature a celebrity holding a picture of a child and speaking for the child. The first one I saw was one done by Seinfeld alum Jason Alexander. He spoke for an Israeli nine-year-old boy. The video starts with a photo of Alexander at age nine.

Dozens of children were kidnapped by Hamas on October 7, 2023. Hamas terrorists took at least 240 hostages that day. Israel reports that 32 of those held captive are 18 or younger. Some of the child hostages are just babies.

Israel’s embassy in the United States posted Alexander’s video and thanked him for “lending your voice on behalf of Israeli hostages held in Gaza by Hamas terrorists.”

Aside from Alexander, other participants included Ukraine-born Israeli actor Mark Ivanir of “Schindler’s List” and “The Good Shepherd,” and Israeli figures such as pop star Ivri Lider, actress Alma Zack, actor Tomer Capone who has starred in the hit drama series “Fauda,” actress Daniel Gal, and acclaimed Israeli actor Sasson Gabai.

At the end of each video, the celebrity narrators ask, in the name of the child, “Please set me free.”

Today a demonstration is planned to happen across from the U.N.

This project was put together by Maayan Arzi-Mlinarski, the head of Shavot. Shavot is a leadership organization for girls and by television personality Sivan Morag. Hostage Families Forum and a child welfare group also contributed to the project. “The idea was to give a physical voice and to try to create a real match between the artists and the kidnapped children,” organizers said in a statement reported by Channel 12.

Where are the United Nations organizations formed to protect children around the world?

If nothing else, this type of campaign keeps the issue alive. The purpose of U.N. World Children’s Day was to mark the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The United Nations is usually feckless when it comes to supporting Israel. Is that carrying out to the Israeli children, and others, who are being held by Hamas and likely being used as human shields?

Where are Jill Biden and Kamala Harris? Why aren’t they doing something to speak out for the hostages, especially the children? Remember when Michelle Obama participated in the #BringOurGirlsHome project when school girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria? Surely that is the least Jill Biden could do now for the Israeli children.

Joe and Jill Biden couldn’t even be bothered to participate in the huge pro-Israel rally on the Mall in Washington, D.C. Instead, they flew to San Francisco without so much as a video appearance on the event’s big screens. Didn’t that seem unusual? Other public officials were there and some spoke. Is Joe Biden so afraid of angering the pro-Hamas wing of the Democrat Party that he will publicly ignore the hostages in Gaza, some of whom are American citizens?

There has been no accounting of the hostages. We do not know their names or their physical condition. Families are left to speculate what is happening to their loved ones. When Americans were held hostage during the Iran hostage crisis, we knew the names of the hostages and how many there were of them. We don’t even have confirmation of where the hostages are right now. They are being used by Hamas as human shields. We have to assume that includes the children.

It has been more than six weeks since the hostages were taken. This is no time to go silent.

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