Thursday, July 29, 2021

Celebrities Who Love Fast Food

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Treat yourself! Some celebrities have major soft spots for fast food — and they’re never afraid to fulfill their cravings.

Kylie Jenner decided to seek out some McDonald’s after drinking with her sister Kendall Jenner for a YouTube video collaboration.

“Honestly guys, I haven’t been to McDonald’s in a really long time,” the Kylie Cosmetics mogul explained on her Instagram Stories in March 2021. “The last time I went to McDonald’s was, like, two weeks before I had my daughter, so this is really big for me because I love McDonald’s.”

Kylie ordered a 10-piece size order of spicy chicken McNuggets, cinnamon rolls, a Filet-O-Fish and french fries for her and pal Maguire Grace Amundsen.

That same night, Kylie ranked her meal by giving McDonald’s a score of a 9 out of 10 for their cinnamon rolls.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has previously talked about her favorite “cheat meal” being In-N-Out.

It’s just for me,” she said during Harper’s Bazaar’s “Eats in a Day” video series in February 2020. “When I was pregnant, I had to eat In-N-Out at least once a week. It was a problem. My order, either, I’ll always do a double cheeseburger with just special sauce and grilled onions. I’ll either get it Protein Style or not, depending on the mood. Fries well-done and a Coke.”

The Bachelor star Matt James is also no stranger to enjoying some fast food, even if that means getting into an argument with girlfriend Rachael Kirkconnell.

“You didn’t ask if I wanted anything, either,” Kirkconnell said in an Instagram Stories video from June 2021. In the clip James is enjoying some fries from Char Grill, while Kirkconnell is unhappy that he got food for himself first.

James explains to his girlfriend that he did check if she wanted anything, and he even offered to go to Whole Foods to get her food.

“Where are we? Not Whole Foods,” she replied, to which James clarified that they were at their “first stop.”

When the graphic designer insisted that they should have stopped for her food first, James had a compelling argument for why his fast food was the priority.

He said that he considered the meal his “first” of the day and even offered his girlfriend some fries.

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Source: USmagazine


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