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It’s an odd message to see coming from a state-owned broadcast company, at least until you realize that pretty much everything run by the political and cultural elite is now dedicated to what amounts to communist propaganda.

Britain’s Channel 4, which is a state-owned television/content network owned by the British government, is pushing a program with the message that the time has come for violent action to deal with climate change.

The trailer for the program has the host, Chris Packham, endorse the idea of “breaking the law” to force climate protection. Packham has been a fixture on British TV as a naturalist, a TV presenter, and a children’s show host. You can think of him as a British celebrity scientist in the mold of Neil deGrasse Tyson, only focused on nature and not the physical sciences.

Chris’ new series on Channel 4 will be promoting the idea of civil (and not so civil) disobedience to force government and corporations to do what they want.

The government, you see, hasn’t been listening to the environmental activists, so they must be forced to do what the activists want. Even if that includes “extreme, violent action.”

The Left is absolutely convinced that government exists as a tool for enforcing their will, and while you often hear pieties about democracy and “power to the people,” everywhere and always that means power only for the Left, and as much of it as humanly possible. Should they not have that power the answer is revolution. The raised fist. The Antifa masked revolt.

There is nothing new about this. The Left has always been like this.

What is new is the merging of the Left with the Establishment, becoming one and the same. This is not an exaggeration. The American Library Association is literally run by a Marxist who declares her intent to turn libraries into indoctrination camps, Disney is pushing a “queer agenda,” and Channel 4 here is promoting what amounts to environmental terrorism.

As with so much of this activity, pointing this out earns one the label of “conspiracy theorist.” Only it’s not really a conspiracy and not even a theory. I needn’t connect any hidden dots–here we have a prominent environmentalist backed by a government-owned TV network endorsing “extreme, violent action.”

The description says “Chris meets the activists who think that mass civil disobedience is necessary to force policy change, including radical environmentalist, Andreas Malm, who believes in extreme, violent action.”  Is this an endorsement, or merely reporting?

Watch the video. He endorses it. He ends the video concluding that indeed he does support “breaking the law” as these activists do.

He says “It is the ethically responsible thing to do.”

The merging of the establishment with the radical Left has been going on for quite a while, but the process is almost complete now. That is why Antifa could burn down America’s cities, attack the police, beat up average citizens, and walk away practically scot-free. Meanwhile, people are getting years and decades in jail for walking through the Capitol hurting nobody and destroying nothing.

Donald Trump was elected because tens of millions of Americans saw this happening and screamed No! Unfortunately, after 4 years in office, Trump was unable to reverse the slide into tyranny. Things are worse today than when he was elected. The censorship complex is strong, the intelligence community more corrupt, the FBI and Justice Department more politicized, and the MSM more empowered to lie.

Is that Trump’s fault? For the most part, no. He made missteps, but he fought the good fight. That is a major reason why I am skeptical that Trump is the right guy. We need somebody who understands not just the stakes–as Trump does–but how government works so that he can take it apart.

Whoever is the nominee, they will be facing a unified opposition with almost all the levers of power at their disposal. And one which no longer recognizes any limits at all to their behavior.

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