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Forgive me for being cynical about the Democrats’ commitment to Democracy and coexistence. Particularly the mantra that “diversity is our strength,” a nostrum for which there exists no evidence at all.

Living in Minneapolis is a good way to get hard lessons about the realities of modern Leftism, which is basically one part ideology, one part power-grabbing, and one part self-dealing. Minneapolis is where the George Floyd riots began and where large swathes of my city were burned to the ground in the pursuit of “justice.”

My Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, began her political career by helping to oust DFL State Representative Phyllis Kahn by persuading Somali voters to vote for the Muslim candidate over the “old Jewish Lady” who had represented the district for decades.

She became a rising star in the Democrat Party, embraced more for her identity than her politics, and became essentially a crime boss. No amount of scandal seems to matter–the devout Muslim who married her brother to perpetrate immigration fraud, the bigamy, the affair and divorce, the campaign finance violations. None of it matters because she is a symbol and an identity candidate and helps funnel ill-gotten money to her Party and her supporters.

Omar is a Somali and has imported the political style of her country of birth to Minnesota. In the parlance of the Democrats, she is a “diverse” candidate.

Somalis have become the backbone of the Democrat machine in this city, rivaling the queer community for political power. It is an odd marriage of convenience, but with so much money at stake, they make it work. During the pandemic, a massive fraud–comprising at least a quarter BILLION dollar scheme to defraud the government of COVID money–was conducted out in the open by a Somali gang and it was assisted by the state Department of Education, which apparently is too scared to challenge the Somali community. The Democrat Party in the state appears to be just fine with the fraud, given that the governor’s people ignored it and they have yet to punish any bureaucrats who enabled it.

My friend Bill Glahn has been covering the (non) scandal (only the US Attorney and the FBI have tried to clean up the mess, but most of the local media has shied away from covering it much), and the scale is beyond belief. Hundreds of millions of dollars were stolen and some were sent abroad. There is a similar scandal with Somali groups stealing tens or hundreds of millions in daycare fraud–a scam going on for years.

The Democrat Farmer-Labor Party (DFL), which is what we call Democrats here in Minnesota, fully embraced the Somali takeover of the Minneapolis party. Obviously, the partnership has its perks–when a group can steal hundreds of millions of dollars from the government without consequence, that is a bunch of free cash that can slosh into politics. Even just skimming a bit off the top works pretty well for the powers that be. Sure, much of the money goes straight into the pocket of the fraudsters, and some goes back to Somalia to fund terrorism, but the DFL does pretty well out of the deal.

But there is a downside to the partnership, and it is a big one. Becoming the subsidiary of a group whose political sensibilities were formed in Mogadishu is not all it’s cracked up to be. You sometimes get scenes like this:

A riot broke out at the DFL endorsing convention for Minneapolis City Council Ward 10. This was the second attempt at having the convention, and it didn’t go well. Ward 10 encompasses some not-so-wealthy parts of Minneapolis, but also a few quite wealthy areas as well. The political elite, though, are rival groups of Muslims from different parts of South Asia, all of whom are Marxists.

Lacking a full-blown transgender candidate to run for office–being transgender is nearly a guarantee of support in our city, where at one point we had two on the city council–the candidates are all “diverse Muslims” who dislike each other. The Somalis are on the rise in this district and want control over the loot.

It’s not a pretty sight, riots at a political convention, and not what the Democrats signed up for. They just wanted the votes and the cash. Then again, the backers of Lenin didn’t sign up for being oppressed by Stalin’s terror, the supporters of Mao didn’t expect the Cultural Revolution, and the original members of the clique that pushed the French Revolution didn’t expect to be beheaded. It is always thus when you embrace a violent mob.

When that kind of loot is on the table, and your political habits were formed in Mogadishu, sitting down for ballots is not the first thing one thinks of. Bashing people over the head is a faster route to power, it seems.

When one thinks of Minnesota political conventions hordes of people beating each other up is not the image that comes to mind. But you would be wrong these days, at least in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. In most regions of the state, a political convention is characterized by long, boring speeches and battles over rules. Here in Minneapolis, we get riots if the “wrong” people might win control over all that sweet cash.

Here? Well, you saw the video.

The DFL is now screaming that, somehow, Republicans are at fault for the chaos in their ranks. But they own this 100%. Republicans are not recruiting Somali thugs to run for office or riot at political conventions. These are Ilhan Omar’s political children doing what they do best.

What else can they say, though? Nobody wants to admit that “diversity” might NOT be our strength, so they blame the wealthy Republicans, of whom there might be two in Minneapolis.

One of the candidates involved–Aisha Chugtai–actually blamed the “wealthiest folks in the city” for the violence at the convention, and perhaps she has a point. The DFL Establishment truly is made up of some of the wealthiest folks in Minnesota, after all, and anybody involved in a scam that gets described by fractions of a billion dollars qualifies as wealthy.

Still, I think we can feel confident that Aisha, in this case, is blowing smoke. Nobody hired these thugs to start a riot. Rioting is politics where the rioters come from. And the DFL loves to endorse riots as long as they can benefit politically in any case.

This happened because they knew that the Ward 10 community was once again behind us and we were going to win — over 60% of the delegates in the room were identified to be supporting us. Because we’ve shown the wealthiest folks in this city, and the politicians they’ve bought, that the people of this city have the power to make real change and build the community we deserve. That’s why they’re afraid of us. That’s why they stormed at us.

Minneapolis Democrats live in an alternate universe where they think that importing vast numbers of people who don’t share our liberal values will work out just fine. And it has, so far, for them. But revolutions always eat their own in the end, and that process is well along that path at least here in Minneapolis.

It’s not quite working out that way in the long run, and the result is a city in what may be a terminal decline. This has nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with the fact that the people the Democrats are recruiting don’t just come from the third world, but are of the third world. African Americans, the more traditional supporters of the Democrat Party, aren’t on board with the decline of the city. They just don’t matter much anymore to the Democrats, who have decided that immigrants from the third world are a richer political vein to mine.

Ilhan Omar’s father was a brutal Marxist army colonel who was high up in the genocidal regime of Somalia before it was overthrown. She portrays him as a “teacher,” but he was integral to Mohamed Siad Barre’s fight against the rebellion that displaced him. She remains a Marxist and represents my state in Congress due to the DFL latching on to her. And she is the leader of what amounts to an organized crime ring.

But since she wears a hijab and pretends to be a devout Muslim, not a Marxist gang leader, she is untouchable. She is “diverse,” and “diversity is our strength.”

This is the Democrat Farmer Labor party in Minnesota, which controls the Governorship, the Minnesota House, and Minnesota Senate. The leadership of the Party is happy as long as they can rake in the cash and turn the state into a butcher’s shop for infants and children, aborting the children not yet born, and mutilating those who made it through the gauntlet and managed to get born.

Unfortunately, while the decline in livability may be accelerating, the corresponding political power that comes with increases in population does not. Minneapolis Leftism now dominates not just city politics, but politics in the entire state. There is enough money, power, and clout in the city to drive a moderate to conservative state Leftward in policy. “Progressivism” has married kleptocracy and the results are a government competing with California for the most radical in the nation and with Chicago for the most corrupt.

Suburban liberals haven’t yet figured out that Minnesota is no longer the squeaky clean state they thought it was. They believe this is all happening in the city, and hence doesn’t matter. As long as they can virtue signal and preserve abortion all will be well.

It won’t. Unlike the decline of Detroit, the rot will not stop at the city line. There is no 8 Mile Road that sets a boundary beyond which the thugs won’t go.

It is already spreading, Crime is spreading to the suburbs, and the Democrat Party’s alliance with the kleptocrats will continue because they are codependents now. A Soros prosecutor runs the County now, not just the City, and she is so awful that the US Attorney is actually prosecuting what are normally local crimes. This is nearly unprecedented and of dubious legality.

My wife and I have decided that Minnesota is likely lost and that at minimum Minneapolis and St Paul already are.

The Democrat Party is entirely to blame, abetted by the entire corporate and cultural Establishment They chose this path. They justify it with the nostrum that “diversity is our strength.” And now they are squeezing as much loot out of the state as they can before the entire structure comes down. Their hope, as far as I can tell, is that they can still build a Leftist utopia, and if that doesn’t work out they can at least squeeze some money before the wreckage finally collapses.

And in the meantime, they can continue to kill babies and lop healthy body parts off of children. Which is, of course, what they care most about.

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