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10 Best Games To Play After Return To Monkey Island


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Fans of the Monkey Island series have finally been given a worthy sequel to the iconic point-and-click games that helped to popularize the genre back in the ’90s in the form of Return to Monkey Island. And Ron Gilbert, one of the series’ creators, returns to the director’s chair to deliver a slice of nostalgia that most gamers and critics seem to be very happy with.

But after everyone has enjoyed Guybrush Threepwood’s latest quirky adventure on the seven seas, there are plenty of other games that might be worth their time. Whether they’re other pirate-filled worlds or iconic games in the point-and-click genre remade for modern players, they might become the next gems to find in the treasure trove of video games.


LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game (2011)

Traveler’s Tales have transformed many blockbuster movies into adorable virtual LEGO worlds to explore. Among them was Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, which recreated the first four movies into a host of levels where players take control of the iconic pirates to solve puzzles and platform their way to the end.

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Injecting their sense of humor into the game, the movies were recreated for all ages to enjoy the goofy comedy that some who enjoyed the Monkey Island games might get a kick out of. Furthermore, their puzzles will be more accessible for some who may have found the ones too challenging in Ron Gilbert’s latest game, giving enough fun for anyone to enjoy the mini figure version of Jack Sparrow recreating the movies’ iconic scenes.

Thimbleweed Park (2017)

With the aesthetic of a game that was released at the end of the 20th century, Thimbleweed Park was Terrible Toybox’s first game before they eventually worked on Return to Monkey Island. Set in a town filled with colorful characters, two FBI agents must try to gather clues to solve the mystery behind a murder that occurred there.

Although the game came out in 2017, it could be mistaken to have been released in the ’80s or ’90s as it recreates the look and feel of the games made at that time. But those who may never have played games in the genre might enjoy this with its murder mystery and comedic dialogue that Ron Gilbert also penned.

Machinarium (2009)

Before they would go on to create the horror title Happy Game, Amanita Design developed Machinarium back in 2009. Set in a city filled with machines, a small robot named Josef must attempt to save it before the Black Cap Brotherhood can blow it up.

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A fresh and unique take on the point-and-click genre, the game received positive reviews as it was able to build on the success of the games that made the gameplay fun and engaging all those years ago into a dystopian story. It has also been ported to many consoles since its release that anyone should try if they want a brand-new world to click and solve their way through.

DeathSpank (2010)

A downloadable title for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade back in 2010, DeathSpank was a comedic action RPG where players controlled the hilariously bigheaded knight as he fights off the forces of evil across a variety of fantasy worlds. It was followed up by a sequel that can only be accessible now on Steam and Xbox Live, but hopefully, the games will receive a remaster for current consoles in the near future.

Created by Ron Gilbert, this was certainly a pleasant departure from the adventure games that he has done in the past and a welcome one at that as his sense of humor shines through the level designs that he helped create with Hothead Games. Those looking for a more comedic and casual take on the likes of Diablo and Bastion might just appreciate these oddball games.

King’s Quest (2016)

There have been many reboots or long-awaited sequels to classic games that have gone on to be a hit with longtime fans and newcomers. Among them was King’s Quest, which saw Graham retell his adventures to his granddaughter and how he eventually became a knight.

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It took the series in a brave new direction as it went from its point-and-click roots and put it in an adventure-based game that still incorporated enough interactivity and puzzles to progress through the story. Some series like Monkey Island may have stayed true to their origins after all these years, but this proved that new perspectives can help to reignite interest in an old, classic series.

The Cave (2013)

Seeing video game developer Double Fine team up with Gilbert to create a new game was a dream collaboration some fans were excited about. Set in a giant cave, the player must help seven explorers traverse the underground labyrinth and find the exit.

While the game was hindered at the time by some tedious quests, many still enjoyed the world and humor that only the iconic video game designer can deliver. Fans just hope that it will live on from the Wii U and be ported over to the Nintendo Switch as other great ports have.

Sea Of Thieves (2018)

Developed by Rare, Sea of Thieves was a sandbox world unlike any other as players could go on any adventure to live out their pirate fantasies. Whether it’s singing across the waves or fighting skeletons or digging up buried treasure troves, the game has only grown in popularity since its critically panned launch.

Building upon the success of hit pirate-themed games of the past, it was able to take adventure games to a whole new level where anyone can do anything that they could imagine. Many gamers have enjoyed what Rare has created, and only time will tell what they will add next.

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge Special Edition (2010)

Released in the summer of 2010, LucasArts remade the classic sequel for modern video game enthusiasts to enjoy with a fresh coat of paint while keeping it faithful to fans of the original game. After defeating LeChuck, Guybrush Threepwood must face off against the deadly pirate once again after he has been resurrected from beyond the grave to exact his revenge.

While fans of the goofy protagonist’s latest adventure will have to wait and see if these remakes will ever make their way to the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, those fortunate to own an Xbox Series console or a Steam account who have yet to play any of the previous Monkey Island games should check out these older titles. Considering how cheap they are to buy now, it is certainly a great time to jump into this odd pirate’s earlier adventures and why he is one of gaming’s funniest characters.

Grim Fandango (1998)

Many regard Grim Fandango as one of the greatest games of the point-and-click genre as well as one of the funniest. Playing as Manny in the Land of the Dead, he must help to try and save the soul of a woman named Mercedes while trying to pay off a massive debt.

After Double Fine bought the license of the game, they remastered it and released it for everyone to enjoy. Their faith in this cult classic saw them remake LucasArts’ other point-and-click games like Hot Throttle and Day of the Tentacle that is strongly considered worth playing after Return to Monkey Island to see why they stood toe to toe with Ron Gilbert’s work.

Monkey Island Special Edition (2009)

The game that started it all was lovingly remade with a beautiful and cartoonish coat of paint in 2009 that was eventually followed up by the sequel a year later. Wanting to live a life filled with adventure, Guybrush must accomplish three tasks while finding himself tangled up with LeChuck, a villainous ghost pirate.

Seeing how such a weak and naive protagonist could solve puzzles and clues to win the affections of those around him not just made Guybrush an iconic character in adventure games, but established the success of the Monkey Island series with its witty writing. Newcomers may have limited access to the original and the remaster, but it is certainly worth digging up and discovering how it has remained a relevant gem after all these years.

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