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It’s finally time to return to Westeros, as House of the Dragon’s first episode has premiered on Sunday the 21st. Despite those who doubted the show’s ability to succeed due to the controversial ending of Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon episode one is currently at a 9.0 on IMDb.

With the return of great ratings came the return of something else: internet hype. The energy that fueled the original series to immense popularity is back, as fans will be around to discuss, celebrate and theorize in between each week’s episode on the automated discussion thread on Reddit.


10 The Dagger

Episode one’s most notable takeaway was its reveal, new to both book readers and show viewers; Aegon the Conqueror had prophesied the Long Night. The Targaryen Dynasty knew about the White Walkers return, and some time between the rule of Viserys I and Robert Baratheon, the information was lost.

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As Viserys shared this Kingly knowledge with his daughter and heir, Rhaenyra, he fondled a familiar looking blade. haveapie314 was quick to note this, asking for confirmation with “Was that dagger the king had the same one Arya uses to kill the NK?” It was indeed.

9 Ramin Djawadi Appreciation

As the prelude ends and the scene shifts to great blue, cloudy skies, audiences are greeted with two familiarities. The dragons of course, but also the beaming musical score by Ramin Djawadi, which is the same which played whenever Daenerys would ride Drogon in Game of Thrones.

“Oh Ramin Djawadi, how I have missed you,” remarks Redditor SerDire. While the first episode premiered a mix of familiar and new tunes, audiences are anticipating what new genius the composer will bring to the table this time. Rhaenyra’s dragon is the first of many that audiences will see.

8 Weirwood Tree Nostalgia

The first episode of House of the Dragon has many parallels to that of Game of Thrones. It was important to introduce this familiarity, as the world can be incredibly confusing, especially to those who haven’t indulged in hours of research on the books and lore. One notable parallel was the use of the Weirwood trees of the Old Gods.

After the beheading of the Night’s Watch deserter in Game of Thrones, Eddard Stark returns to sit beside a very similar tree as Rhaenyra does in Fire and Blood. Redditor SerDire notes the similarity, and says “Getting nostalgic already.” This parallel is just one of the many things to remember from Game of Thronesbefore watching.

7 The Pieces Laid Out

After just one episode, House of the Dragon has made it clear who its main characters will be and what their motivations are. It’s clear that the battle line has been drawn, and now only time will tell which characters fall on which side, and which will look to establish their own.

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“Also some really good world building to set the pieces on the chessboard,” notes Reddit user -MIguy-. Though the story is far more contained than A Song of Ice and Fire, it still proposes a wealth of political intrigue in just an hour so far.

It’s been over three years since the conclusion of Game of Thrones, and many fans haven’t gotten over it. Such a major cultural event was always going to have an emotional fallout to its conclusion, but Season 8 left a bad taste in the mouth of many fans, and some have even refused to come back to Westeros.

Hopefully House of the Dragon will continue to receive solid reviews, and more and more of those who felt wronged will warm up to the idea of returning. One Redditor noted that watching the show felt “Like starting a new relationship after a bad breakup…”

5 Father Of The Year

One thing Game of Thrones characters were known for was being terrible family members. Be it Cersei, Viserys, or Ramsay Bolton, the series had some despicable inter-family behavior, and it seems House of the Dragon will remain consistent with this. Otto Hightower was the most notable example so far.

“Otto sending his daughter to go service the King. Father of the year he is not,” notes Redditor -MIguy-. Otto is an intriguing figure already, as he seems to one of the Littlefinger-like political players that made the original series so complicated.

4 The Average Fan

While being on a contained space such as Reddit where many fans have done plenty of research, it’s easy forget that a good amount of the show’s viewers have no idea of the history or even many of the characters’ names. It might be even more difficult in House of the Dragon now that half of the cast has silver hair.

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“I don’t know anyone’s name but was very entertained” says Redditor Tepen88. That’s really all that matters, though as the plot develops it may be good to try and memorize some names, elst it may get a bit complicated.

3 Daemon Targaryen

Getting a talent such as Matt Smith in a leading role means the character will likely be pretty interesting, but Daemon Targaryen exceeded expectations. His personality is intriguing and offers some mystery, but even just his physical presence was notable on screen.

Being introduced to him as he riles up a crew of city watchmen establishes his physicality, preparing audiences for him to arrive at the tournament in his Targaryen themed armor and sword, Dark Sister. Redditor -MIguy- noted this, saying “Daemon’s armor, especially his helmet, was … bad ass.”

2 The World’s Most Dangerous Chair

The first episode was filled with thematic symbolism, many of which centered around book-read-favorite Viserys Targaryen, be it his discussion of dreams and prophecies, ideas of childbirth and the role of royal Ladies, or even the simple notion of being injured by his own throne.

Redditor AmberLeafSmoke noted the symbolism here, writing “Viserys cutting his hand on the throne after Daemon called him a weak king was chef’s kiss.” It is a very dangerous looking chair to sit on, in particular with the extra blades in House of the Dragon.

1 Sunday Night

For audiences who watched Game of Thrones on a nightly basis from the early stages on, each season and episode was more than just a show, it was an event. Much of the joy of weekly episodes of House of the Dragon will be the return of that weekly event, offering seven days of discussion topics.

Redditor sahdbhiogh points this out, saying “I had forgotten how great it is to get new game of thrones on a sunday night.” The next ten weeks will surely be a lot of fun for fans, content creators, and more if the show continues to perform.

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