Chase Stokes hints season 3 has wrapped

Is anyone else desperately missing our favorite OBX crew? I certainly am! I’m sure many of you are in the same boat. Outer Banks is one of the best Netflix shows out there, and we’re all eagerly waiting for season 3 to arrive.

The story of the action adventure, its relatable and charismatic characters, the show’s bad guys, and even the coastal town setting all make it into the captivating series that it is. The first season of OBX premiered in April 2020, just one month into the pandemic. It was definitely a good distraction at the time, and the fact that it came out while we were all stuck at home probably also contributed to its success.

While we sit here and miss those precious Pogues, it’s a great idea to follow the cast on social media as they provide updates and behind-the scenes goodies. And recent activity on social media by leading man Chase Stokes has hinted at something very important!

Chase Stokes hints Outer Banks season 3 has wrapped

The John B actor shared a quick video on his Instagram stories. The shot is of a trailer with the caption “Till next time buddy.” This seems to suggest that filming for the third season of the Netflix Original has wrapped!

Of course this hasn’t been confirmed yet, we’re just taking a guess. This is obviously great news as the sooner production wraps, the sooner we can hopefully get Outer Banks back on our screens. We had previously predicted filming would wrap in September 2022, but maybe we were wrong. We won’t know for sure until we get the word from Netflix.

If filming has indeed wrapped, then we might be looking at a potential winter 2022 release date, or maybe an early 2023 premiere. All we ask from the streaming service is that for the love of Pogues, please at least share a release date with us poor souls soon!

Outer Banks season 1 and 2 are now streaming on Netflix.

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