Does Lindsay Lohan sing Jingle Bell Rock in Falling for Christmas?

Netflix has come bearing gifts this year, and we’re getting the best present of all: Lindsay Lohan’s return to acting! We’re so excited to see the very talented star in a project once again in her upcoming holiday movie, Falling for Christmas. Nov. 10 can’t come fast enough!

The movie stars the leading lady herself as Sierra Belmont. Joining her onscreen are Chord Overstreet as Jake, George Young as Tad, Olivia Perez, Jack Wagner, Chase Ramsey, Sean J. Dillingham, and Antonio D. Charity.

The film centers around newly engaged and spoiled hotel heiress, Sierra Belmont (Lohan). When she gets into a skiing accident, she suffers from total amnesia and finds herself in the care of a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner (Overstreet) and his precocious daughter (Perez) in the days leading up to Christmas. It’s the perfect recipe for an ultimate romantic comedy!

This holiday, season not only do we get the gift of the actress’ return to the industry, but if you’ve seen the trailer, there’s another nice surprise in store. And it’s so fetch!

Does Lindsay Lohan sing Jingle Bell Rock in Falling for Christmas?

On Oct. 7, Netflix released the official trailer for the new film. The first-look video reveals Sierra’s accident, her falling for Jake and his adorable daughter, and a hint at a potential love triangle going on if her family and fiancée manage to find her.

But the greatest surprise of all is the main musical track. While watching the video, long-time Lindsay Lohan fans will recognize a familiar tune and a familiar voice singing it. That’s right! It is indeed Lohan herself who’s singing the infamous “Jingle Bell Rock” in the trailer.

Any fan of 2004 film Mean Girls, which Lohan starred in as Cady Heron, will remember the Plastics singing the same song at the Winter Talent Show. When Gretchen accidentally breaks the CD player while they’re performing their dance, they can’t continue. That is until Cady starts singing “Jingle Bell Rock.”

And now, we get to hear Lohan cover it once again! Not only that, Netflix announced Lohan’s cover of the iconic song will be available to stream beginning Nov. 4. You can pre-save the tune through Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music now.

In the meantime, listen to parts of the rendition in the trailer below!

Falling for Christmas will be released Thursday, Nov. 10 on Netflix.

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