Does Vic die in You season 4 part 1? (spoilers)

Joe finds himself in deep trouble in You season 4 part 1 after accidentally befriending a wealthy circle of friends targeted by a mysterious killer. The mysterious killer also starts sending Joe threatening text messages and tries to frame him for their murders. I mean, Joe seriously can’t catch a break this season, no matter how hard he tries to keep a low profile.

Spoilers from You season 4 part 1 ahead. 

To make matters worse, Joe is watched closely by Vic, Adam’s personal driver, bodyguard, and dealer. Vic spends most of part 1 trying to figure out Joe’s real motive for entering the friend group.

But when Joe first meets Vic, Vic is indifferent toward Joe. He doesn’t start becoming suspicious of Joe until he finds him following Adam. Vic aggressively confronts Joe, but Joe comes up with a quick lie that gets him out of trouble. It’s their second confrontation where everything ends badly.

So, does Vic die in You season 4? Find out below.

Does Vic die in You season 4 part 1?

Yes, Joe murders Vic in episode 3. It all happens in a crypt. As Joe watches Kate mourn Malcolm from his hiding place, Vic watches Joe from his own hiding place. After Kate leaves the crypt, Joe comes out of his hiding place and Vic ambushes him. They tussle with each other on the ground until Joe gets the upper hand and strangles Vic to death with his own tie.

Then, Joe decides to take Vic’s dead body to Simon’s gravesite and bury him with Simon’s gold-plated coffin. To make sure no one questions Vic’s whereabouts, Joe writes a fake resignation letter and gives it to Lady Phoebe and Adam. Vic is never mentioned again in part 1.

You season 4 part 1 is streaming now only on Netflix.

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