Everything to know about Milton from Love Is Blind season 5

Another season of Love Is Blind is upon us, just months after Love Is Blind season 4 debuted. Love Is Blind season 5 kicks off on September 22, introducing us to 20 singles from Houston, Texas. Among the new group is a particularly young contestant named Milton Johnson (full name James Milton Johnson IV) that quickly found a connection with another member of the season 5 pod squad.

During the first four episodes of Love Is Blind season 5 (all taking place in the pods), Milton (SPOILER!) seemed to find himself quite taken with Lydia Arleen. Are the pair meant to be? What happens early on in the pods isn’t always indicative of how a relationship is going to shake out, so there’s still plenty of time for things to change.

For now, it’s time to meet Milton and learn everything there is to know about him, including his age, career details, and where to follow him on social media. For reference, Milton’s pronouns are he/him/his.

Milton Love Is Blind age

James “Milton” Johnson from Love Is Blind season 5 is 25 years old. His birthday is unknown.

Milton Love Is Blind job

Milton is a very educated and driven man. He currently works as an experienced engineer in the oil and energy industry after receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Geotechnology at the University of Houston and his Masters of Science in Systems Engineering from the University of Texas at El Paso.

Currently, Milton is studying for his MBA at Rice University and he has been working as a management trainee at the global independent infrastructure provider Vopak since October 2022.

Milton Love Is Blind Linkedlin

Those curious to learn more about Milton’s extensive resume might want to take a peek at his LinkedIn profile. That’s where you’ll find out more about his education and employment background.

Milton Love Is Blind height

Despite being one of the youngest people in the cast, Milton is one of, if not the tallest cast member in Love Is Blind season 5. He stands at more than 6 feet tall.

Milton Love Is Blind Instagram

You can follow Milton on Instagram @jamesmiltonj4. He doesn’t post a ton on social media, but he has shared some stunning photos showcasing his photography skills and snapshots from his visits to museums like the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Milton Love Is Blind Twitter

Milton does have an account on Twitter, or X, as its also known. If you skim through his likes you’ll find an interesting collection. There’s plenty of likes ranging from Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk tweets to Pokémon (Milton frequently discusses how much he loves Pokémon on the show). He’s also liked at least one tweet from an account called @EndWokeness.

Milton Love Is Blind TikTok

Milton has a TikTok account, but so far only has one video posted there to celebrate his best friend’s birthday. His sole post is from October 2022, so he either deleted a bunch of stuff before the show aired, or just doesn’t use it that often. But many Netflix stars become more active online after their show becomes popular so Milton could return to TikTok soon.

The first four episodes of Love Is Blind season 5 are now streaming on Netflix. Additional episodes debut on Fridays through October 13. Add the series to your watchlist now.

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