First Kill season 2 is not coming to Netflix: No second season planned

We’re afraid we have some bad news for fans holding out hope for a second season of Netflix’s teen vampire drama, First Kill. 

Less than two months after First Kill season 1 debuted on June 10, Netflix has reportedly decided not to proceed with a second season of the series. While Netflix has not yet released an official statement, Deadline reports Netflix has decided not to renew the series meaning First Kill season 2 will not be coming to the streaming powerhouse.

The move makes First Kill the latest in a string of teen series to get axed after only one season, including The Society, Julie and the Phantoms, Daybreak, Teenage Bounty Hunters and The Irregulars. 

Is First Kill season 2 happening?

Sadly, there will not be a second season of First Kill as Netflix decided to cancel the series after just one season. The move came less than two months after the show’s first season debuted in June 2022, putting the series in an unfortunate group of series canceled after only one season.

Because of how Netflix reports its viewership figures, it’s unclear if viewership filtered into the decision to cancel the series. While the series wasn’t shown much love from critics, it was widely loved by viewers earning a 90% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Given its status as a Netflix Original, it’s unlikely the show will be shopped around to other streaming platforms which is unfortunate. It’s also unlikely Netflix will reverse its decision as the streamer has not been known to save its own shows after issuing cancellations.

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