Guess which Love Is Blind season 4 couple just broke up?

Love Is Blind season 5 is coming to Netflix this week, but fans are still discussing some of the drama and couples from Love Is Blind season 4. The fourth “After the Altar” special just dropped and showed that the fourth season of Netflix’s dating show has been one of its most successful to date, with every married couple still together, including Brett and Tiffany; Kwame and Chelsea; and Bliss and Zach.

We even got to catch up with Marshall and his new girlfriend and Jackie and Josh, who were, surprisingly, still going strong. But one of these couples has officially called it quits, per a new TikTok shared by @realityashley.

Love Is Blind season 4 couple Jackie and Josh are over

Jackie is one of the most polarizing castmates in Love Is Blind history because of how things went down between her and castmate Marshall Glaze. Marshall quickly endeared himself to viewers and people weren’t happy when Jackie dumped him for fellow cast member Josh Demas. Despite this, Jackie and Josh were together for over a year, surprising many.

Jackie went live on social media and filled in her followers on what happened between the two. You can watch the clip on TikTok right here where Reality Ashley reposted it.

According to Jackie, there was a lot more involving Monica and Josh that we didn’t see. Here’s the full breakdown of all the drama that went down between Josh, Monica, and Jackie, in case you missed it.

Josh apparently told Jackie to leave it alone, but Jackie wound up having a conversation with Monica that resulted in their break-up. Jackie doesn’t go into specifics, but based on the video, it sounds like Josh was unhappy with Jackie talking to Monica after he told her not to.

Josh also posted a statement on his Instagram that you can see here (he put his official Instagram account on private), saying that he and Jackie made a mutual decision to end their relationship.

Given that they were still together when Love Is Blind: After the Alter season 4 aired on September 1 (they were both promoting it together), the conversation with Monica must have occurred after the new episodes were released on Netflix.

“Having a relationship in front of the world was not easy at times but I want to thank everyone for supporting us,” writes Josh.

Love Is Blind season 5 starts airing this Friday, September 22, on Netflix. 

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