Though multi-Oscar-winning La La Land (2016) became the subject of an unexpected controversy when it was falsely announced as Best Picture at the Academy Awards instead of the rightful winner Moonlight (2016), writer and director Damien Chazelle still won big that night when he received the Best Director award and has since become one of the most ambitious and beloved filmmakers working today. With the stressful jazz-fueled thrill ride that is Whiplash (2014), the love letter to classic Hollywood musicals that is La La Land, and the gorgeous galactic biopic that is First Man (2018), Chazelle has quickly established a rock-solid track record for delivering visually stunning and narratively gripping feature films. Where La La Land is a mostly lighthearted and joyous tribute to Hollywood and the dreamers who reside in it, Chazelle’s latest film shines a spotlight onto the darker side of the filmmaking hub. Babylon (2022) was in the works for quite some time before its release, featuring a majorly impressive cast list with names including Margot Robbie (Birds of Prey), Brad Pitt (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), Diego Calva (I Promise You Anarchy), Jean Smart (Garden State), Tobey Maguire (The Great Gatsby), Li Jun Li (The Excorcist), Jovan Adepo (Fences), and many more of some of the biggest names in the current filmmaking industry.


With a cast like that, one can only imagine the possibilities of this much darker commentary on the movie industry. Or, you know, watch the movie to find out. To find out exactly how to watch Babylon in 2023, simply read on.

Editor’s Note: This article was last updated on February 20 with the streaming release date.

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What Was the Release Date of Babylon?

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Audiences everywhere got to see Margot Robbie “fight a f**king snake” as an early Christmas present when Babylon made its debut on Friday, December 23, 2022.

Is Babylon Streaming Online?

Paramount won the bidding war for the rights to Babylon, Paramount+ is set to be the streaming home for the film. Babylon will be available to stream on Paramount+ starting on February 21, 2023.

There are currently two pricing plans available for Paramount+, the first being the base Essential plan that costs $4.99 USD per month at $49.99 USD per year, which provides access to Paramount+’s entire catalog with limited ads. The second is a Premium plan that removes ads entirely and provides full access to the live-CBS channel and all its programming, with this option costing $9.99 USD per month at $99.99 USD per year.

Babylon has already been released on Premium Video-on-Demand as of January 31, 2023. You can use the following link to buy or rent the film on Amazon:

Buy/Rent on Amazon

Is Babylon Still in Movie Theaters?

Babylon was released exclusively in theaters (something Chazelle reportedly insisted on) upon its premiere in December but unfortunately, it isn’t playing on the big screen anymore. Well, you might still be able to catch a showing somewhere but for the most part, your best bet is to watch the movie on streaming or physical media.

Watch the Babylon Trailer

The uncensored red-band trailer for Babylon is a raunchy, cocaine-fueled thrill ride from start to finish. The teaser starts off with the introduction of protagonists Nellie LaRoy (Margot Robbie) and Manny Torres (Diego Calva) doing lines of cocaine in a back room as they describe their dreams of creating art that has a lasting impact. The trailer then rapidly cuts to a chaotic party scene that’s packed to the brim with Hollywood’s biggest stars. One of those stars is Jack Conrad (Brad Pitt), the archetype of an alcoholic, drug-addicted, egotistical leading man who seemingly has zero regard for personal health or safety. What starts out as a dream come true for Nellie and Manny quickly devolves into a nightmare come to life, as they get in too deep into the shadier aspects of show business and struggle to find their way out. Whatever the two heroes have themselves wrapped up in must be severe, as it’s enough to make even Tobey Maguire’s character scream “what the f**k”.

When Is Babylon Coming on 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD?

For those of you who would like to own Babylon on physical media, the movie will arrive on 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD on March 21, 2023. There’s also a limited-edition 4K Ultra HD SteelBook of the film releasing on the same date. As you might expect, the physical releases come loaded with special features like behind-the-scenes featurettes, deleted scenes, and more. You can use the following link to pre-order Babylon on Amazon:

Pre-Order on Amazon

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What Is the Plot of Babylon?

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Despite the confirmation that the film will be over three hours long, the official synopsis for Babylon keeps things short and sweet:

A tale of outsized ambition and outrageous excess, it traces the rise and fall of multiple characters during an era of unbridled decadence and depravity in early Hollywood.

While the plot of the film is obviously known at this point, considering it’s been out for a while, we’re going to try and keep things spoiler-free by focusing on what we already knew before the release. The film is roughly set in the 1920s, in the ironically named “City of Angels” that is Los Angeles. Many have compared the film’s concept to The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), and that’s not just because Margot Robbie is starring in the film. The ever-brief synopsis does give the impression that Babylon will be a dark look into what many aspiring artists find in Hollywood. They expect a place where they can thrive as an artist and become a star known around the world, but what they get may very well be a downward spiral into depravity and madness.

How Did Babylon Do at the 2023 Oscars?

Babylon has received a lot of critical acclaim since its release in late 2022, nabbing three nominations for the 2023 Oscars. While it didn’t score in the Best Picture or Best Director categories, the movie has been nominated for Best Original Score, Best Costume Design, and Best Achievement in Production Design​​​​​​.

Where Can You Watch Damien Chazelle’s Previous Movies?

Image via Lionsgate

All three of Damien Chazelle’s previous feature films can be found online and here’s some basic info that you should know before you watch them.

Whiplash (2014): An extended version of Chazelle’s short of the same name, Whiplash is known to many as the breakout role of Miles Teller (Top Gun: Maverick) and the film that earned legendary and prolific character actor J.K. Simmons (Spider-Man) his first Academy Award win. It’s also another story that exposes the lengths someone is willing to go to as a means to find success, with Teller’s character of Andrew being willing to push himself to the physical and mental brink just so he can impress his physically and psychologically abusive jazz instructor. Whiplash is available to rent on Amazon.

Rent on Amazon

La La Land (2016): A practical tonal opposite to Whiplash in virtually every way, La La Land may be a flashy, colorful musical, but it doesn’t cheapen the effect that show business can have on everyday people. Following a couple consisting of aspiring actor Mia (Emma Stone) and dedicated jazz pianist Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), La La Land is a bittersweet look into how the romance found in the City of Angels can be a strong contradiction to accomplishing one’s ambitions and career goals. La La Land is currently available on Prime Video.

Watch on Netflix

First Man (2018): Chazelle reteams with Ryan Gosling for the director’s first-ever biopic, this one, of course, chronicling the life of Neil Armstrong and his historic role as the first man to step on the moon. Not only is Chazelle able to capture the almost otherworldly beauty that Neil and his companions saw on their mission to the stars, but he also delves deeper into the often overlooked dangers of space travel and the many fatal speedbumps that Armstrong’s predecessors faced. First Man is currently available to rent at most online movie rental services.

Rent on Amazon

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